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Image of "Una-Chance! feat. 音街ウナ"
Album title
  • "Una-Chance! feat. 音街ウナ"
Published October 24, 2018, for ¥2,600


Una-Chance! is EXIT TUNES' 1st Una compilation album, eleventh Internet compilation album, and twenty-first solo VOCALOID compilation album. It contains fifteen tracks, with one being sung by Una's voice actress, Aimi Tanaka.

Track listingEdit

1."はやくそれになりたい! (Hayaku Sore ni Naritai!)" (I Wanna be It!) kinoshitaOtomachi Una3:53
2."ちがう!!! (Chigau!!!)" (We Are Different !!! (or Same)) Carlos HakamadaOtomachi Una and Hatsune Miku4:32
3."キライ・キライ・ジガヒダイ! (Kirai Kirai Jiga Hidai!)" (Hate it. Hate it. "JIGAHIDAI!")KuragePKuragePOtomachi Una3:36
4."365日綴り続けた恋文のように (365-nichi Tsuzuritsuzuketa Koibumi no You ni)" (Like A Love Letter of 365 Days) mint*Otomachi Una3:24
5."踊る恐竜さん (Odoru Kyouryuu-san)" (Dancing Dinosaur) HihumiOtomachi Una3:40
6."ワビ・サビ・ゾンビ (Wabi・Sabi・Zombi)" KuragePOtomachi Una2:56
7."Booo!" TOKOTOKOOtomachi Una2:55
8."マニック (Manic)" *LunaOtomachi Una, Rana (Mary, WaMi, Houkago no Aitsu, Taakun, and Hagikuro)4:24
9."再演 (Saien)" (Encore) RINGOOtomachi Una (GUMI)4:47
10."どぅーまいべすと! (Do My Best!)" kinoshitaOtomachi Una4:29
11."ぷりてぃんくるしすたぁ (Prettinkle Sister)" LamazePOtomachi Una3:52
12."ウシノヒ☆アブダクション (Ushinohi☆Abduction)" cosMoOtomachi Una3:49
13."カンデンさせちゃうぞ (Kanden Sasechau zo)" (I Will Make Kanden) Carlos HakamadaOtomachi Una3:44
14."ever" Neko AllergyOtomachi Una3:09
15."どぅーまいべすと! (Do My Best!)" kinoshitaAimi Tanaka4:29
Total length:58:33

Promotional goodsEdit

Each copy of the album features one random archylic key holder with a chibi illustration of either Una Sugar, Spicy, or Talk Ex by blueberry.

Exclusive goodsEdit

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Amazon: A pin badge featuring Una Talk Ex, illustrated by blueberry.
  • Animate: A clearfile featuring an illustration of the album cover.
  • TOWER RECORDS: A sticker featuring an illustration of the album cover.
  • TSUTAYA: An alternate jacket cover featuring chibi illustrations of Una Sugar, Spicy, and Talk Ex by blueberry.

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