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Image of "Una-Chance! feat. 音街ウナ"
Album title
  • "Una-Chance! feat. 音街ウナ"
Published October 24, 2018, for ¥2,600


Una-Chance! is EXIT TUNES' 1st Una compilation album, eleventh Internet compilation album, and twenty-first solo VOCALOID compilation album. It contains fifteen tracks, with one being sung by Una's voice actress, Aimi Tanaka.

Track listing[]

1."はやくそれになりたい! (Hayaku Sore ni Naritai!)" (I Wanna be It!) kinoshitaOtomachi Una3:53
2."ちがう!!! (Chigau!!!)" (We Are Different !!! (or Same)) Carlos HakamadaOtomachi Una and Hatsune Miku4:32
3."キライ・キライ・ジガヒダイ! (Kirai Kirai Jiga Hidai!)" (Hate it. Hate it. "JIGAHIDAI!")KuragePKuragePOtomachi Una3:36
4."365日綴り続けた恋文のように (365-nichi Tsuzuritsuzuketa Koibumi no You ni)" (Like A Love Letter of 365 Days) mint*Otomachi Una3:24
5."踊る恐竜さん (Odoru Kyouryuu-san)" (Dancing Dinosaur) HihumiOtomachi Una3:40
6."ワビ・サビ・ゾンビ (Wabi・Sabi・Zombi)" KuragePOtomachi Una2:56
7."Booo!" TOKOTOKOOtomachi Una2:55
8."マニック (Manic)" *LunaOtomachi Una, Rana (Mary, WaMi, Houkago no Aitsu, Taakun, and Hagikuro)4:24
9."再演 (Saien)" (Encore) RINGOOtomachi Una (GUMI)4:47
10."どぅーまいべすと! (Do My Best!)" kinoshitaOtomachi Una4:29
11."ぷりてぃんくるしすたぁ (Prettinkle Sister)" LamazePOtomachi Una3:52
12."ウシノヒ☆アブダクション (Ushinohi☆Abduction)" cosMoOtomachi Una3:49
13."カンデンさせちゃうぞ (Kanden Sasechau zo)" (I Will Make Kanden) Carlos HakamadaOtomachi Una3:44
14."ever" Neko AllergyOtomachi Una3:09
15."どぅーまいべすと! (Do My Best!)" kinoshitaAimi Tanaka4:29
Total length:58:33

Promotional goods[]

Each copy of the album features one random archylic key holder with a chibi illustration of either Una Sugar, Spicy, or Talk Ex by blueberry.

Exclusive goods[]

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Amazon: A pin badge featuring Una Talk Ex, illustrated by blueberry.
  • Animate: A clearfile featuring an illustration of the album cover.
  • TOWER RECORDS: A sticker featuring an illustration of the album cover.
  • TSUTAYA: An alternate jacket cover featuring chibi illustrations of Una Sugar, Spicy, and Talk Ex by blueberry.

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