Unfragment Remixes is an album consisting of Hanasoumen-P's song "Unfragment", six remixes of it, and its instrumental. It was released at Comiket 83. The album's sole vocalist is Hatsune Miku.

An album crossfade exits on an independent site.

Unfragment Remixes
Released January 10, 2013
Producer Hanasoumen-P, various
Illust. Hanasoumen-P
Label Independent
Track list
1. Unfragment (Hiroyuki ODA 2012 remix)
Hanasoumen-P feat. Miku
2. Unfragment (SWYK Remix)
baker feat. Miku
3. Unfragment (ZANEEDS Remix)
Paipan-P feat. Miku
4. Unfragment (Clean Tears Remix)
Clean Tears feat. Miku
5. Unfragment (syatten Remix)
syatten feat. Miku
6. Unfragment
Hanasoumen-P feat. Miku
7. Unfragment (Remix)
Hanasoumen-P feat. Miku
8. Unfragment (Original Dub Mix)
Retro Future Ossan Disco
Retro Future Ossan Disco
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