For the song by Kairiki Bear, see アンハッピーバースデイ (UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY).
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Image of "Unhappy Birthday"
Song title
  • "Unhappy Birthday"
Published June 18, 2016, with 150+ Niconico views, 760+ YouTube views, and 50+ SoundCloud views
  • JagaimoProductions (music, lyrics)


Today is my birthday. I am turning I don't care years old...
—Author's comment

"Unhappy Birthday" is an original song by JagimoProductions featuring AVANNA. It has a unique take on the concept of birthdays.


These hectic days pass by. Another year gone to waste.
My future holds no promises. My calendar's out of date
What's the point of this day again?
Celebrating the fact that I'm not dead. Fast forward through these days
Wishing my life away.

Unhappy birthday to you. No cake or gifts to go around.
Unhappy birthday to you. I wonder why you're still alive.
Your expiration date should have passed a long time ago.
"Live life to its fullest."
It doesn't matter either way.
We'll all end up in the ground somehow.
I came closer to insanity. Each and everyday.
I hide my tears away
While quietly suffering
It's all just pointless now. No point in continuing this life.
Counting all these days until I die someday

Unhappy birthday to you.
Unhappy birthday to you.
Unhappy birthday to you.
Unhappy birthday to you.
Unhappy birthday to you.
Unhappy birthday to you.
Unhappy birthday....

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