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Alvin Lee was the illustrator for VOCALOID2 Hatsune Miku during the Toyota Corolla Campaign.

Lee is an Asian-Canadian comic book artist and illustrator known for his manga-styled art. He was commissioned to create an image of Hatsune Miku posing with a black Toyota Corolla in May 2011. He has worked for many years with UDON Entertainment before he left mid-2007, and has worked with Marvel since.

For his work on the Corolla + Miku campaign, Lee stayed close to what the client ordered. However, he was free to be creative. Hatsune Miku had to be drawn to look a bit more mature, as opposed to her style that was widely accepted in Japan, in order to cater towards an international market. Lee worked to find a middle ground where she would look anime but still digestible to the everyday viewer. The image on the main page has Miku in a known pose by Japanese artist Tony Taka, which Lee states that the client really liked and wanted him to imitate. Even though he drew other variations, the final pose won in the end. Lee sees it as an homage or a remix to the original. When it comes to Miku's attire, there is a slight difference to KEI's original design; instead of one skirt stripe and single floating ribbons, she now has two, as intended by the client.

The angel winged Miku is available as a press release from Toyota in the May issue of Koream, Hyphen. The idea for the wings was inspired by the production seen during MikuPa 2011, where wings spread from Miku's back as she sings "Hatsune Miku no Gekishou" (初音ミクの激唱) by cosMoP. Both images are digitally colored by a different artist known as DOE (aka Man They Call Doe), another Canadian artist who is friends with Lee.

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