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Top article guide to direct readers to websites that have the subject of VOCALOID.

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Community servicesEdit

Internet forumsEdit

English The VOCALOID-USER.NET - Community & forum for Vocaloid Users Link
English The VOCALOIDOTAKU.NET forums - Your prime source for everything Vocaloid Link
English Voca Forum General talk about Vocaloid. Link
English r/Vocaloid The Reddit VOCALOID community - Anything about Vocaloid: Songs, news, PVs, etc... Link
French The French-speaking VOCALOID community - Anything about Vocaloid, UTAU, CeVIO and others : Songs, news, PVs, etc... Link

News blogsEdit

English Vocaloidism provides information about Vocaloid, UTAU, Producers, events etc. Link
English Engloid English Language "Vocaloid" Voice Synthesis Software Infosite. Link
Japanese The Hatsune Miku Miku Blog is an archive site that collects information about VOCALOID related happenings. Link
French Vocaloid French provides information about Vocaloid, UTAU, Producers, events etc. Link
Spanish Vocaloid Spanish Chilean provides information about Vocaloid, UTAU, Producers, events etc. Link
English Engloid (wordpress) was a site that provided information about English Vocaloids. (defunct) Link
English MikuStar was a site that provided information about Vocaloid, primarily Miku, but also general Vocaloid content. (defunct) Link
English MikuFan News and resources about Hatsune Miku. Link

Japanese Hatsune Miku blog specializes in news about VOCALOID Hatsune Miku, but also general VOCALOID content. Link
Japanese Hatsune Miku Channel specializes in news about VOCALOID Hatsune Miku along with some related VOCALOID content. Link
French Project DIVA France Provides information about Project DIVA Link

Video and audio hosting servicesEdit

Primary companiesEdit

See also: Help:Video and audio hosting services

English Japanese Niconico is a video-sharing website. Popular with Japanese Vocaloid producers. Link
English (Global) YouTube is a video-sharing website. Popular with many Vocaloid producers. Link
English SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform. Popular with western Vocaloid producers. Link

Subsidiary companiesEdit

English Vocanode Video is a western online-hub for Vocaloid and UTAU music. Link
English Vocamania Project a community that converts Vocaloid songs to StepMania gameplay. Link

Japanese Balloom is an independent Japanese record label. focuses on music by musicians who are popular on video streaming service Niconico Douga, and those who use VOCALOID software. Link
English Vocallective is a record label focused on the VOCALOID and UTAU software. Link

Art websitesEdit

Japanese Pixiv is a Japanese online community for artists. Link
English (Global) deviantART is an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork. Link
English Vocaloid-Fanclub is hosted on deviantART. Link



English VocaDB is a Vocaloid music database with translated artists, albums and songs. Link
English MikuMikuBeat is a site dedicated to improving the English User's Miku Miku Dance experience. Link

Wiki farmsEdit

Japanese The Hatsune Miku wiki provides information about VOCALOID, VOCALOID usage, original songs, producers, and lyric content. Link
Japanese ProjectDiva wiki Link
Japanese VPVP MikuMikuDance wiki Link
English ProjectDiva wiki Link
Chinese VOCAWIKI Link
Korean RigVeda VOCALOID Link

Spanish Vocaloid Wikia (Espanol) Link
English Fanloid Wiki Link
English Miku Miku Dance wiki Link
English The Evillious Chronicles Wiki Link
English Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki Link
English Vocaloid Roleplay Wiki Link

English Black★Rock Shooter Link
English Macne series Wiki Link
English Utaite Wiki Link
English UTAU wiki Link
English Voiceroid Wiki Link

Tutorials and audioEdit

English Vocaloid Otaku (Topic) Genderbending Vocaloid tutorial Link
English Vocaloid Otaku (Topic) Tips for advertising Link
English Vocaloid Otaku (Topic) Sonika Tutorial Link
English Vocaloidism (Topic) Lyric Entry Tutorial Link
English Vocaloidism (Topic) Making Japanese English Link
English Vocaloidism (Topic) Parameter tutorial Link
English YouTube (Video) Improving vocals in Vocaloid + Audacity by Azuralunar Link

English Guide to Cheering at VOCALOID Concerts Link
English Guide to Cheering (VocaloidOtaku) Link

English FL Studio Link
English MultiMedia Studio Link
English Music Lab Link
English Sing & See Link
English Soundation Link
English Steinberg Media Technologies Link

English Wikipedia on Vocaloid Link
English Adobe Audition , formerly Cool Edit Pro Link
English Audacity Link
English Auto-Tune Link
English Steinberg Nuendo Link

External linksEdit