aka Fernando D.

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  • I live in Chile
  • I was born on December 18
  • I am Masculino/Male

About me

My name is Fernando Díaz, also known as Adept-eX. I'm a Chilean, a half-time artist who currently is studying the career of Biochemistry.

My hobbies are mainly the drawing and painting. My favorite mediums are the acrylics and the watercolors. I managed to expose some of my works in a few exhibitions.

Likes and preferences

  • Favorite Color: Cobalt Blue
  • Favorite medium: Watercolors
  • Favorite Music Genre: Trance
  • Favorite Vocaloid: Kagamine Rin
  • Favorite Song: Romeo and Cinderella
  • Favorite Duet: Gumi, Rin

Favorite Songs

Vocaloid Contributions

My wiki goals

  • Do a Translation Required Template. Must includes field for specify which area requires translation.
  • Do a Characters Template for The Evillious Chronicles &  articles.
  • Standarize Song articles:
    • Add nicopedia & pixpedia External Links Done
    • Add Project Diva works and modules, and merchandising as the figurines or "official" doujins Done. Gradually update the articles to the current format.
    • Set standard for Other media appearances section. In progress. Fix some details and standarize a format for the books, manga and other publicatons.
    • Consider add Notable For section (song awards, kiribans, apparitions in the Vocaloid Weekly Ranking and important apparitions like concerts or videogames)
  • Improve the Developer, Illustrator, Producer and Software (add more tutorials and external links) Categories.
    • Developers: Get the bios (ask to the companies) and expand the Wiki Projects. 
    • Illustrators & Producer: Add external links (Add external articles sources like Niconico pedia, add interviews), standarize articles (work list format and video list/favorites format)
    • Software: Attach external links, specially like tutorials
    • Improve the websites articles
  • Create a section for resources and add more external links to tutorials. In progress, actually we had the Video Tutorial section.
  • Remove articles:

Articles To-Do

WIP Articles

Finished Templates

Finished Images and Logos

My other Vocaloid Works

  • Contributor in the Spanish Vocaloid Wiki Lost Cause -___-
  • Member from staff.
    • Possible Tutorial Project in association with Voctro.
    • Create a Vocaloid CL Wiki.
    • Possible association between V.CL and Vocaloid Wiki.
    • Collaboration CL x FR communities.
  • Youtube Playlist: Vocaloid en Español (Vocaloid in Spanish)
  • Test and study possible uses of SIL's Speech Analizer for Vocaloid

My Work Space

Adept-eX's Sandbox

Adept-eX's Archive



Other Projects

  • Finish my Fall/Winter Girls Series (watercolors)
  • Start my Pokémon Comic: Great City Tales (currently Tumblr layout formats)

External Links

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