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Who am I?

Short intro: I'm a veteran editor of wiki coding. I like Vocaloids, I am fond of the English vocaloids but still like the Japanese ones even then. I am a "speed" editor, which means basically I upload thigns quickly, okay I make mistakes, but I am dyslexic anyway. Basically I edit to get things on the page so their on the page and can be sorted as pleasure by other editors or myself when I get time. I have been doing this style of editing since 2006 and I admit its very hard to slow down, so I'm just going to leave a wanring up t say "this is what I so". Also, I do have a bad memory and I WILL forget things, including what other editors are doing or whats already on the wikia.


  • I'm on Steam: "Little Phoenix", you can add me, I'm okay with that. So long as you don't spam me its fine. ^_^


Since this has come up recently a lot... Yeah... Look... I'm "British" therefore if you see DD/MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY you know I've forgotten not everyone writes days like us.

Also... There are other things you should be aware of...

My dyslexica problems

I'm likely to do the following;

  • Bad spelling (not typos, just bad spellings)
  • Bad gramma
  • confusing statements that seem gibberish or don't make sense at all(particularly if the statement is a long one)
  • Word contradictions (two words that when placed together don't mean what I think they do)
  • As I write I forget what I was writing, leaving to half finished sentancesbecause I've skipped to the publish button before finished.
  • Past tense mix-ups
  • Using the wrong word in place of another (exmaple; when I wrote "Past tense" I had originally wrote "Pense tense" there).

If you see me do this, I apologise for the confusions. I can poof read something a dozen times; if I don't see it the first time I won't see it until two days later. I try my best but ths is a long-term problem I have.

So you don't like essays...

I get this a lot, so I'm going to explain why I make long posts.

I first joined the internet in 1998/9 (I can't ever remember if I first logged on in December or January so I always write it as that). Back in the 90s-early 2000s the average Joe wasn't the casual crowd you have on the net these days. Social media wasn't what it is was today and most of the time you actually logged on to find people to talk to that shared a hobby or to find out more about a hobby. For example I can remember a guy talking about making a website dedicated to cookies of the world as a joke and writing reviews for various different cookies and biscuits. Companies began to send him samples to review for this reason. That was life in the early days, nobody knew the direction of the internet and everything went.

I first logged into various forums of which included comic book heroes in about 2000/1, it took a while for me to realise you could debate with people or learn things from debates. Forums were only just beginning to become easy access and we didn't really have much to go by. Wikis existed but Wikipedia not as a source. The early debates could either be short or long responses. The short ones were made by people whose dial up was expensive and had "x time" to respond. But the long was were the people who would despite that and were passionate. You know on the Big Bang Theory the girls get told not to ask who is the best Superhero? Well that is particularly half true, on-line comic book nerds are often just like that. Welcome to my situation, and it was like a deer in a headlight being in those. You could not respond to such topics, debates and discussions if you didn't provide a good set of points.

And as you can see just to explain things already there is two big paragraphs. I cannot give a simple answer that is good enough to count. There is a video by Aron Ra wherein he explains to correct something can take 4x longer. Its here. Most of the video is irrelevant except that one statement so the link is about, so that 1 sentance of his and I'll note I'm not saying it applies only to lairs, as often people who say incorrect things can honestly think their POV is correct. To them that is the truth which Aron Ra doesn't state. But here is the thing as Aron Ra states, a person says something, you have to first explain why their statement was wrong and explain the realities of a statement before you can answer them, otherwise you don't have a good "discussion". In 1 sentence you can make several statements, and each one may have to be addressed. Each one requiring a explaination, counterpoint, etc. So the 1 simple statement causes a huge response.

I'm going to now example this;

So for example someone says "'Len is the best Vocaloid'".

A simple statement no bigger then 1 sentence in length and contains only 1 fact or statement. If you want to legit respond to them you first must explain how that may be not the case.

Len at the point I'm writing this has 5 releases, all which must be referenced; Act1, Act2, Append, V4x and English. Not all of them are equal so each one must be addressed separately. You can't just say "Len is crap!" you have to explain "Len's Act1.... However, Len's Act2...." and so fourth. So a simple stamen "Len is the best Vocaloid" can cause a long respond naturally because in terms of facts it may not at all be true. And given his 5 releases, thats a statement for each release, plus possibly also each voicebank in each release, so thats 16 or so voicebanks to address if you also include talking about him in contrast to Rin. Naturally, its easy to write a response that is long because there is already a lot to discuss. And this is without addressing all 5 of those releases in response to all other 70 or so Vocaloids.

Then there are issues like realism and if or not voice acting or realistic portrayals are better, etc. These tend to be a little bit more opinion based. "Len is the most voice acted of the Character Vocal Series and one of the least realistic Vocaloids in response because of it." That last sentence is a fact that cannot be escaped as he is a male vocalist voiced by a female. So in terms of "the best" to call Len that we would need to also justify what makes one of the least realistic Vocaloids the best. That would in turn impact our perception and classification of all other Vocaloids because of it. In short, before one calls Len "the best" one needs to address why Sachiko or VY1, etc are not better then him for this reason as their vocals are based more on a realistic portrayal. The reason this matters is because if we imagine no other difference in quality or language, the one remaining fact that remains is his voice acting. So that would separate him from Vocaloids who are and this is a fact one cannot escape from. You may say it has no merit on the discussion of statement; however all of this impacts his singing abilities and thats the 1 thing he is currently created to so. If the one thing his created to do is subpar to another Vocaloid, then already he is by default not "the best". You may consider "the best" in light of this not for his ability to sing but the roles in singing he can fulfil, but again there are Vocaloids like fellow CV series Hatsune Miku who do it better. So you would need to define also how Len is better then a Vocaloid who can successfully fulfil more roles in music then he does. Miku after all has V3 Japanese and English which he was not given and has several more voicebanks over him because of this, as well as a Chinese voicebank which he has not as I write. There are also roles Rin does better then him, so by default not only are you comparing him to all other releases but also to his co-vocalist he is sold with and explain why half their package is inferior to the other half.

Even saying "its their opinion" in response to me in turn can cause further room for a long response. An opinion is separate from a fact and can be based on a falsehood or mistake. Our senses can be tricked and we can only judge what we perceive. A person can listen to a dozen well tuned songs and think "Len is the best Vocaloid" but having never heard Len in his raw untuned and unedited state. Therefore, naturally straight away their opinion is based on only on 1 aspect of Len, when he is well tuned and not when he is not. Therefore the opinion is broken and incorrect before the person even makes it, its based on ignorance and naivety. Even if it was peoples' opinions back in 2007 he was bad, technical problems reported by producers, i.e analytical data, showed problems with the voice of him and Rin which were not opinion based at all. In short, CFM knew they screwed up and its why Act2 exists. And even if one knows the truth they can reject it making the opinion bias. In short, opinions can be very incorrect and very wrong intentional or not, opinions are not solid responses and at times are among the weakest statements. Your favourite Vocaloid is a solid opinion that is yours to make and you can enjoy Len without care; stating in your opinion Len is the best is not a solid opinion and I've already explained why. Especially when you consider that most of the time, nobody explains the why they think he is the best, they just state he is the best.

And this varies per Vocaloid, but can be applied to any of them with a variable length. I example Len because the Kagamines are among the easiest Vocaloids to example given their well documented. If I was to have exampled Miku, this would be even longer.

And I'm not finished with this example of why a lengthy response would come from 1 simple statement.

As you see, afterwards these days I also take a moment to state that despite that each person has the right to love and adore Vocaloids because people get wrong impressions and think that I'm putting Len down or saying their opinion and right to love a Vocaloid is wrong. I'm saying Len, however, is not the best Vocaloid...Nothing else. But that causes me to have to insert an extra paragraph or two making my response longer then it needs to be. Fans can interpret it as an attack on their interests, causing them to feel like its a personnel attack when its not.

So thats the end of the example, but its that exact thing in action.

And as you can see 1 simple statement got a long response. Due to my dyslexia it is hard to keep focus and organised, so sometimes it is hard to read. A lot of the time, however, people don't want to read my responses and this ends up being why they complain. I'm sorry but while its not 2001 anymore, I'm not going to half ass an answer, thats not respectful. I'm no "know it all" and not everything I say is correct, what I say is based on experience and research that as far as I know its correct. But I once responded to Ruby's provider and stated the problem is my information is what the fans have been given. What the studios know and what the fans know are two different things. In short, we have gaps in our knowledge.

If I express my own opinions in the process, it can talk even longer. My opinion then leaves the opening for someone else's response to criticise my opinions. I do believe people should know the difference between my opinions and when I'm not expressing them but I know from when I was on Vocaloid Otaku forums, people cannot always. So this means I may have to counter respond just to explain the difference between fact and opinion.

Ironically, to say all this, I've had to write another long response. But I often find people just want responses now a days that are 4 sentence long, a single paragraph. If your saying anything longer your accused of all sorts of things.... But... Their open to respond in the same way or counter me.

Fav/least fav

I don't particularly have an order but my favouite Vocaloids are;

  1. Tonio
  2. Big Al
  3. Macne Nana

While my least favourite are ;

  • Hatsune Miku
  • Kagamine Rin
  • Kagamine Len (most disliked of the Vocaloids)

So not try and change my mind, you can't in either direction, I will not stop liking Tonio and I will not suddenly like Len. Meanwhile Vocaloids like Meiko don't appeal to me... There is definitely more vocaloids on the "Meiko meh" list.

Vocaloids owned

I have owned;

  • Lola (lost when I moved in 2010)
  • Big Al
  • Prima
  • Tonio
  • Sonika

I've also tried the demos of;

  • Piko
  • Luka V4x
  • Miriam
  • Meiko V1
  • Nekomura Iroha
  • Hatsune Miku V3 English
  • All of the Internet V3s

I mostly am listing these trials because people forget that they existed and yes, I have handled this vocals. Though I don't remember half of them (the Piko demo was rubbish). There may be one or two missing since I switched computers after 2012/2013.

Random Note

I'm just "SomebodyRandom" amongst Vocaloid fans. Yeah, my forum username is meant to be a pun as such. When I first joined Vocaloid I did not intend to hang about since I thought I was done with forums and such like. Unfortanely, my stalking in late 2009 led to me signing on and the lack of wiki-editing being done to fix problems at the wikipedia Vocaloid and the Vocaloid wikia led me to end up staying.

So I regret that users name I've ended up with?

Er... Yeah... A lot... ^_^'

Oh well, I'm just "SomebodyRandom" anyway. Haha.

List of things I forget to do

  • Merge E.V.E.C. details from templates onto EVEC page, leaving voicebanks to talk about Vocaloid voicebanks.
    • Ditto the same for XSY???
  • Add the multiple character CFM promos I've been ignoring for the past few years because I got bias. I'm admitting I've been bias because its shameful. (note: urgent)
  • Update information on Good Smile Racing.. Been neglected because I was doing other stuff. (note; urgent)
  • Sign off XSY completely and finish up the last details about it.
  • Check literature (note; urgent, its 5 years of forgetting to do it).
    • Add temporary "demo" illustrations for one or two things, until someone can come up with something better??? (note; pending decision)
  • Sum up the overall details of all V4 voicebanks, example "who has the highest tempo", etc like I did with V2 and V3.
  • Make a page on Answers about where to buy Vocaloids to replace the VO forums page.
  • Using the Parameters needs overhauling. (correction, its likely going to be removed, but needs proper pages set up first)
  • Really important: Investigate as many V3 centred pages and check out their urls
  • Need to set up a "Vocaloid (franchise)" page
  • Some front page User:Angel Emfrbl/Angelstein's lab
  • Reduce Synthesizer V page
  • promotional gallery images need to be checked over


In the process of adding tutorials

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