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Hi!! I'm Rei, your usual otaku obsessed with Masa and a lot of other things related to Japan or in that area.

I usually don't edit much here, but when I do it's usually to correct grammar or capitalize things right, as well as make sure punctuation is right. Otherwise you'll see me hanging out in the comments and the discussion.

You can also find me on my wiki.

I am also active on Pinterest

I'll tell some facts about myself in the meantime:

  • My top 5 favorite producers are Owata-P, MASA Works DESIGN, Black Shock Box, Wowaka, and Sele-P
  • My top 5 favorite VOCALOIDs are Len, MAYU, Rin, KAITO, and Luka
  • My top 5 favorite songs are Paradichlorobenzene, Lupin, Elsa-Maria, I=Fantasy, and Oni Mikage Enbu Kyou -Kitsune no Yomeiri-
  • I like reading and replying to Masa on Twitter
  • I like drawing and do it in my free time. I enjoy drawing different designs and scenes. I'm still working on a city of mine called Synth City and my next design is gonna be a Lolita style design
  • I'm probably not gonna voice a VOCALOID, but I'll have an UTAU soon
  • I'm gonna record as an utaite next year
  • I always get a random songs in my head. I used to wake up with either Electric Angel (Giga remix) or Migikata no Chou (Len ver) in my head, then I'd randomly always get Shinkai Shoujo in my head, now I always randomly get Senbonzakura in my head. Wake up to the Kagamines and listen to Miku throughout the day, I guess
  • My favorite Owata-P song is Paradichlorobenzene, my favorite Sele-P song is Elsa-Maria, my favorite Masa song is Oni Mikage Enbu Kyou -Kitsune no Yomeiri-, my favorite Wowaka song is World's End Dancehall, my favorite BSB song is Lupin, my favorite Neru song is Iiya Iiya Iiya, and my favorite Samfree song is Neko Neko ☆ Super Fever Night
  • If you wanna know all my shounens and shoujos go here (yea ik the numbers are all mixed up but oh well that's life)
  • Yea I talk too much goodbye