• I live in a house :D
  • My occupation is student
  • I am female

Hello! I'm Atmosfera.

What I want to do...Edit

  • Fix any spelling/grammar mistakes 
  • Improve Producer with no Profile pages
  • Add as many songs as possible to the YouTube List pages for Leon, Lola and Miriam

Favourite thingsEdit


  • Leon
  • IA
  • MAYU
  • Utatane Piko
  • SeeU
  • Luo Tianyi
  • Hatsune Miku (don't shoot me)
  • Tone Rion is growing on me...


  • sele-P
  • sasakure.UK
  • EmpathP
  • Muzehack
  • AvTechNO!
  • Clean Tears


  • Leaving Donna (EmpathP ft. SeeU)
  • Ref-Rain (sele-P ft. IA)
  • A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night (kemu ft. IA)
  • Requiem (Don't know the producer... Hatsune Miku song)
  • Hello Again (Mayuko ft. Kagamine Rin/Len)
  • +REVERSE (niki ft. Lily)


  • Techno/Trance


  • Sekihan
  • PIKO
  • Adam Young (you might know him as Owl City)

Other stuffEdit

  • I own the Vocaloid Leon
  • I REALLY want Sekihan to have a Vocaloid
  • I usually leave the wikia for some period of time every so often for different reasons
  • My favourite animes are AIR and CLANNAD/CLANNAD ~After Story~
  • I really like Little Busters! (not the anime, only the visual novel)
  • My favourite manga is Koko ni iru yo!
  • "Atmosfera" is Italian for atmosphere
  • For some reason I like songs about rain...
  • I think pairing Vocaloids together is pretty stupid. Kaito x Gumi FTW

Other facts about meEdit

  • I love Sekihan 
  • I love Tic-Tacs
  • My favourite book series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickets
  • I'm probably the only person in my class who can stand Nyan Cat for more than three minutes XD
  • I like to see all the new songs in the Tribune section of Vocaloid Otaku
  • I once tried to use MMD. I failed miserably
  • Did I mention how much I love Sekihan? 赤・ω・飯

Song pages I want to makeEdit

  • Via Stingrays, my Proposal bends Iron (Ieno Urade Manbouga Shinderu-P ft. VY2)
  • Poem of a Thousand Years (Sangnoksu ft. SeeU)
  • Stella (Dixie Flatline ft. Mew)
  • Taste of the Sky (Cokoon ft. Luo Tianyi)
  • ELLIE (seleP ft. MAYU)
  • CloudLine (??? ft. SeeU)

If you have a song page you would like me to make, you can ask me. ^^ 

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