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Hello!! I am Sune!!

I go by they/them, although please use male terms if there aren't neutral ones

I am a very large Vocaloid fan despite not being in the fandom for more then 2 years, but that won't stop me from enjoying it :]

I try my best to be helpful here despite not having as much editor experience as some others (though I have been taught how to use wiki text the other day, thank you!!) however, I am a quick learner and have had this account for several years!

I do hope we can be acquaintances !!

Here's some vocaloid stuff:

Favorite Songs: イヤガール Hate Girl (Kairiki Bear), ネロイズム Neroism (Kairiki Bear), アンヘル Ángel (Kairiki Bear), ラストリゾート Last Resort (Ayase), VITA , Specifically KANKAN's Cover (Kairiki Bear), Maegamist (Maretu), もはや愛-自重 Already Love (Wonderful Opportunity), and シャルル Charles (Balloon)

Favorite Producers: かいりきベア Kairiki Bear, Ayase, Maretu, Wonderful Opportunity, Ghost and Pals, Kikuo, (This isn't vocaloid but Kankan, they have great covers)

Favorite Vocaloids: Meika Mikoto, Otomachi Una, Kagamine Rin, Flower, Hatsune Miku

I got into vocaloid in early May 2020, I discovered it from animation memes, specifically "Candle Queen Meme" and "Trypophobia Meme" which... after that I looked up the creator and became obsessed with their music! My first vocaloid song was actually Insanity... which I heard from some very creepy videos that are practically childhood trauma lol... but yea so animation memes got me into vocaloid, fun right?

I recommend all those songs/producers because all their work is amazing!!

Have a good day too!