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About events:

  • As of 2021 Feb-Mar. I am rather listless with my editing as Gaiapedia has been my main focus. I will attempt to pace myself with the various wikis I maintain. Any onsite request must make direct contact using walls or social media.

Thank you.

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About me:

  • Hello I'm Bunai Di (formerly Bunai82), also known as Bunai on the website Gaia Online™. I have been on Gaia since 2004 and have enjoyed my time there and I continue to be a part of its community. In 2009 I adopted The Gaiapedia and have been working on it ever since.
  • I find wikis to be informative and admire editors and fan dedication to maintaining them.
  • There are still many things that I want to learn when it comes to editing, such as coding and sorting. I am always looking methods to improve my skills as a Contributor.
  • My mule accounts are Bunai and Decembirth and you can also find me regularly on The Gaiapedia or Community Central.

About roles:

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Favorite VOCALOIDs

I am a fan of Vocaloid in general, but don't own any software.

Bunai's to-do-list


  • Do sweep of any unused templates and categories. (being worked on, Special:Specialpages)
  • Delete (Producer_name song) redirects. (Ongoing as of May 2020)
  • Think of ideas to organize Figurine articles and galleries. (Ongoing as of May 2020)


  • Work on Song and Album redirect categories. (Not started as of June 2019)
  • Retire {Demo} template to replace with {Track listing}. (Not started as of June 2019)
  • Attempt to edit [Module:Track listing] to change header color. (Not started as of June 2019)
  • Possibly retire {Website} or update layout. (Not started as of June 2019)
  • Delete {Gallery} and gallery related templates. (Not started as of June 2019)

  • Rework on Series articles by creating sub-pages (for characters) and extended information, retiring {Infobox song} (by replacing with {Track_listing}, and attempt to update {Music_featuring} by adding series categories. (Conceptualized as of April 2019 Template)
  • Work on Secondary Translation category and figure out category for official and approved translations of song lyrics. (Conceptualized as of May 2019, Sandbox)
  • Do sweep of pages using Song_box_2 to check editorial errors. (Started as of June 2019)

  • Work on {Event} template's image problem. (requires User:Xuanmien)
  • Update [Module:Album] code to include compilation album works. (requires User:Xuanmien)


  • Work on {R} Redirect templates.
  • Create /doc for new producer page layout.
  • Create guideline for producer layout.
  • Work in Album layout.
  • Add {Event} template to event guidelines.
  • Delete [Project:ProjectWIP/To-do list].
  • Work on Video game pages by rearranging layout and adding infoboxes.
  • Figure out a title for [Vocaloid (mascot)] for future sub-pages.
  • Slight revamp of [Vocaloid (mascot)] and Companions and pets layout using gallery header template.
  • Sort sub-categories for Albums, Songs (Original songs), and Series.
  • Revamp page guide.
  • Updated 'in media' page. Including Vocaloid Directory navbox.
  • Separated {Merchandise directory} into proper navboxes for different types.
  • Revamped directories; with complete overhaul of Websites page.
  • Update galleries for dance games using {GNH} template.
  • Replaced mainspace pages using {Lyrics} template with Poem code.
  • Work on External links for song pages. (ongoing, [Template talk:External/Articles]) (Handled in mass by bot works)
  • Experiment with new producer and album categories. (on going, Category:Music)

07:07, May 3, 2020 (UTC)

Bunai's sub-pages

User blog:Bunai Di/0June-20-11 - To Do List, Vocaloid Wiki:Duplicate images

I've made Special:Editcount/Bunai Di edits:

Bunai's early contributions

Creation of: Release Date page (aka. Status), Licensing templates, Infobox templates, Vocaloid Lingo page (aka Glossary), Vocaloid on Twitter page, Vocaloid illustrators page

General upkeep to the wiki: Edits to Mythbusters page (later Vocaloid Answers Wiki), Sorting articles, images, categories, Overhaul of Community Portal, Overhaul of Vocaloid fanmades (later Fanloid Wiki), Overhaul of Figurines pages

Misc: Splitting of 'Youtube List' alphabetically, Adding links to Vocaloid fanart and mmd models,

Imports Template:Track listing, Module:Arguments, Module:Track listing, Module:Yesno,