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Hello, I'm ColorfulAnon. This is mostly used as a Sandbox so you won't find many interesting things here, but welcome anyway.

If you came to know about me, I'm argentinian, male, and 22 years old. I don't usually edit on this wiki, but I come back when there's something interesting to do. I hate repetition so I tend to avoid doing boring tasks over and over. To be honest I lost the interest in VOCALOID months ago, but I still listen to some songs I liked before. My favorite producers are Hitoshizuku-P x Yama△.

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Articles to make
  • まるくなる (Marukunaru) YT NND
  • 魔女の円舞曲 (Majo no Enbukyoku) NND
  • 夜明け前のレゾナンス (Yoake Mae no Rezonansu) NND
  • 光よ (Hikari Yo) NND
  • とことこ (Tokotoko) NND
  • funeral NND
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