Hello, my name is Doushite-chan. Outside the wiki I am usually known as Haruka or Taco. Of course, I'm a huge Vocaloid fan. My favorite Vocaloid is Gumi and my favorite song is Kyou mo Harebare. I like to draw, listen to music and read. As you can tell, I have no life. The fandoms I am in are Vocaloid, Madoka Magica, Love Live, Kagerou Project, and Animal Crossing. Usually what I do on the wiki is edit the view counts, usually Niconico, YouTube, and bilibili once in a while. Because, apparently I have an obsession with Vocaloid statistics. I'm not very experienced, but I'll do all I can to help out the wiki!

My Favorite Producers (in no particular order)[edit | edit source]

My Favorite Songs (in no particular order)[edit | edit source]

Pages I'm working on (oh my gah they're so bad)[edit | edit source]

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