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This is a test page for Supercell. I'll update CDs, Etc other things I can think off. I think I'll do OSTER Projects Next. Don't edit unless I give the OK. Since I'm kinda working on this :P Esperancia feel free to edit as you please. This after all, if a test, or until I can rearrange things to make it more formal.

STATUS:N/A → Assumed active
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Koi wa Sensō" (恋は戦争)
  2. "Heartbreaker" (ハートブレイカー Hātobureikā)
  3. "Melt" (メルト Meruto)
  4. "Black Rock Shooter" (ブラック★ロックシューター Burakku Rokku Shūtā)
  5. "Kurukuru Mark no Sugoi Yatsu" (くるくるまーくのすごいやつ Kurukuru Māku no Sugoi Yatsu)
  6. "Line" (ライン Rain)
  7. "World is Mine" (ワールドイズマイン Wārudo izu Main)
  8. "Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki" (初めての恋が終わる時)
  9. "Usotsuki no Parade" (嘘つきのパレード Usotsuki no Parēdo)
  10. "Sono Ichibyō Slow Motion" (その一秒 スローモーション Sono Ichibyō Surō Mōshon)
  11. "Hinekuremono" (ひねくれ者)
  12. "Mata ne" (またね)
  13. "Kotchi Muite Baby" (こっち向いて)

Official CDsEdit

[Supercell (album)]
Today Is A Beautiful Day

Notable Supercell SongsEdit

Black★Rock Shooter Edit

Music and lyrics by ryo (A member of supercell)
Video by huke (A member of supercell)

Main article: Black★Rock Shooter

メルト (Melt) Edit

Music and lyrics by ryo

Main article: メルト (Melt)

ワールドイズマイン (World is Mine) Edit

Music and lyrics by ryo (A member of supercell)

The song is about a spoiled girl who believes herself to be a "princess" that the world revolves around, and her struggles with falling in love with a standoffish boy. There are many PV variations for this song, but the narrator is almost always portrayed as a short-tempered and fickle Miku (interesting because of the meek and sweet-tempered manner that Miku is often portrayed with) but with a "tsundere" side.
In addition to the Miku version of World Is Mine, called the "Women's Side", there is a "Men's Side" performed by Anima telling the story from the "prince's" point of view. There is also a version that mixes both the Men's and Women's Sides, making a complete story. Also, there are famous covers by other vocaloids including Kaito, Rin/Len Kagamine, Gakupo Kamui and Meiko. The lyrics in these covers are changed so that they match up with each characters perspective. There is a version for nearly every character.
"World is Mine" is very popular among female singers on Nico Nico Douga and Youtube, and has received multiple covers.

恋は戦争 / Koi wa Sensou (Love is War) Edit

Music and lyrics by ryo (A member of supercell)

This song is about how Miku's crush is in love with someone else and she will fight for them. Miku declares that "love is war" and that in the end, she will make her love only see her. Love is War has been a very popular song and has covers by almost every official vocaloid including Rin/Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, MEIKO, KAITO, Gakupo, Gumi, Sonika, etc. Due to the songs popularity, it has been translated many times in English by different translators and although the lyrics may slightly change, the overall meaning is the same. While the popular fan translation of the title is Love is War, the official English title set by ryo is Eager Love Revange which is an album full of remixes of the song.

初めての恋が終わる時 / Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki (When the First Love Ends)Edit

Music and lyrics by ryo (A member of supercell)

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