Hi! I'm Midnight (aka Kai). I enjoy helping maintain this wiki, although I'm not always on. Most/all of my edits are in the English songs category but if you drop a message by and ask me to edit something, I'll try my best! I am used to small edits, but I also can make huge edits, even pages. I mostly follow and edit GHOST and pals, I0LITE, and other small western producers.
My favorite vocaloids are: V4 flower, Macne Nana, Fukase, Maika, Meika Hime & Mikoto, and Piko Utatane. My favorite producers are: Wowaka, Hachi, DECO*27, GHOST and pals, and I0LITE. I do not own any vocaloids, but I do plan on producing in the future.
I live in the good ol' USA. Please use they/them when referring to me, thank you! Have a great day :)

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