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These are the editors whom I grant access to my Sandbox. Only they, and they alone, are allowed to touch and edit/fix/add/remove things on the list in here, especially if I mess up with Chinese somewhere. Some of these editors also may help with Romaji for Japanese (instances when there's a Japanese version of the Chinese song).

However, they are not allowed to move things out of my Sandbox unless given permission (usually done in a private message). It makes me extremely paranoid when something goes missing from my page when I'm not the one who did it...

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Possibly Important Reference Archive[edit | edit source]

Holds links to potentially important information about future releases. These links are considered to be "rumors" due to the lack of credibility and acknowledgement from VOCALOID groups and companies. These links would be removed if: A) It's been debunked by VOCALOID group/company. B) It's been acknowledged, confirmed, or reinforced by VOCALOID group/company.

  1. "Original Interview with Dr. Yun from ST MEDiA" (DeviantART journal) - Contains information about ST MEDiA's future project (a male Korean VOCALOID after UNI English release) and statements about pushing UNI's Power/Soft voicebank to Winter 2017.
  1. Asuka and Kyoka's website
  1. Asuka and Kyoka's YouTube
  1. AsuKyo twitter
  1. Asuka's twitter
  1. Kyoka's twitter
  1. AsuKyo Instagram

Personal Rules and Notes[edit | edit source]

  • I usually like to look for original songs that have 100,000+ views on their official uploads. For Tianyi, I look for songs with 250,000+ views.
  • I will occasionally make pages for songs under that benchmark depending if:
  • The song is featured in an album
  • It utilizes a VOCALOID that struggles to achieve many songs with 100k+ views
  • If a song has 500,000+ views, I try to look for derivatives. Songs with 500k+ are usually popular enough to receive derivatives.

Color codes[edit | edit source]

Temporary for when they release/have demos, if they're borrowing a voice (optional), or just a concept/idea. Will be removed if a color has been decided and added to template.

Singer Zing Luniang Lorra
Color C6A9A2 D35400 Slate Gray/Grey

Umlauts: Ü, ü, ú (for "Bu")

<poem style="margin-left:1em;">

{| style="width:100%"
! align=left |''Chinese'' (中文歌词)
! align=left |''Pinyin'' (拼音)

{| style="width:100%"
! align="left" |''Japanese'' (日本語歌詞)
! align="left" |''Romaji'' (ローマ字)

{| style="width:100%; font-family:sans-serif, SimSun;"
! align=left |''Cantonese'' (广东话歌词)
! align=left |''Jyutping'' (粤拼)

{| style="width:100%"
! align="left" |''Japanese'' (日本語歌詞) / ''Chinese'' (中文歌词)
! align="left" |''Romaji'' (ローマ字) / ''Pinyin'' (拼音)

My To Do List[edit | edit source]

PRIORITY[edit | edit source]

NOTE: I will alternate between each category so I don't overwhelm myself by getting stuck in the same sections.

  • Concert songs always have highest priority!
  • General
    • Zhang Chuchu
    • Yuecheng
  • Fixed views
    • 250,000+: Luo Tianyi
    • 100,000+: Yanhe, Xin Hua, Ling, Xingchen, Longya, Miku Chinese
    • 50,000+: Longya
  • Album songs

The "General" list[edit | edit source]

Concert songs[edit | edit source]

  • None atm

Potential corrections[edit | edit source]

None atm

Criteria hit[edit | edit source]

100k or more

Looking after these[edit | edit source]

VOCALOID-ALLSTARS Logo Polls[edit | edit source]

For easy access. 2019 Logo polls cannot include: Yohioloid, Lumi, SeeU, Ona, Tianyi, Miku (Default)

Avoiding repeat characters (Korean & Spanish discounted):

  • English:
    • Sweet Ann
    • Avanna
    • Yohioloid
    • Cyber Diva
    • Dex
    • Daina
  • Japanese
    • Meiko
    • Yukari
    • Mew
    • Kyo
    • Fukase
    • Lumi
  • Chinese
    • Tianyi
    • Yanhe
    • Xingchen
    • Longya

Song section[edit | edit source]

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