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The "Song of Time Project" is a series that revolve around characters from different countries who go through different experiences. The series usually consists of songs that have two versions: One version featuring Chinese human vocalists and the other featuring Chinese VOCALOIDs. However, there are instances where there is only a human version of the song. The human versions feature a variety of characters whot are voiced by various singers, while the VOCALOID versions use the same VOCALOID characters but with different clothes to tell them apart. It should be noted that while the human vocalists have assigned character roles, the VOCALOIDs do not and different VOCALOIDs can portray the same characters.

The series is based on an accompanying novel.

Plot HistoryEdit

The God Most High was born in nothingness. When He woke up, the world was a desert. He shrouded the planet with divine power, blocking out the devastating cosmic rays. Then there was water, and then there were grass, insects, fish, beasts, and birds.

And then tens of thousands of years passed, with life evolving as expected. Until an accidental space-time crack, a violent energy invaded the entire planet. Divine power collided with this energy and fought each other. In the end, the God Most High suppressed this energy and sealed it in the deepest core of the planet. God fell into a deep sleep because of the great power consumption. When He woke up again, He found that there was a creature on the planet that was completely different from other kinds: mankind. It turned out that after the God Most High fell asleep, there was a trace of external energy that slowly expanded outward from the interior of the planet, eventually forming an energy crystal, "Seva" (瑟瓦), on the surface. A group of apes obtained Seva inadvertently. Under the influence of it, the population of apes had evolved rapidly, and finally became the intelligent creature "mankind" walking upright.

The God Most High tried to drive away this horrible energy again. But during His sleep, the entire planet has been assimilated by energy. If the energy were removed, the planet would collapse immediately. Thus, the God Most High reluctantly accepted the reality. He integrated divine power into the energy of centrosphere, and slowly directed the energy mix to the surface, forming Phantom Light Flowers (幻光花) and Shahua Gems (莎华宝石). Most of Phantom Light Flowers grow in the densely forested land in the east. When the flowers bloom, they will cause strong fluctuations in divine power. They are beautiful and elegant but transient. But Shahua Gems were only found in concomitants of various veins, and their energy was more peaceful and stable, but are buried underground and unknown. As lives promoted by the power of Shahua, human beings are naturally sensitive to the Phantom Light Flowers. And the first to get this power was a lucky slave: Saint Haran (圣者哈兰). He integrated all the Eastern tribes with absolute power and formed the first country: "Wong (楻)". He created a calendar and set this year as the first year. The era of magic opened.

Since then, human society entered a period of rapid development. People began to frantically collect all kinds of Phantom Light Shahuas (幻光莎华), and tried their best to get the power in it. After countless successful or failed experiments, three forms of power were eventually formed:

  • Very few people could directly eat Phantom Light Shahuas, and by them, different divine power was generated. They are called: the chosen ones.
  • Some people regarded Phantom Light Shahuas as a belief and as a totem. They worshiped them and carry them with them. During the long-term contact with Phantom Light Shahuas, their bodies also changed and gained part of divine power. They are called: fanatics.
  • There are still some people who cannot get divine power directly. They took a different approach and mixed Phantom Light Shahuas with a variety of other substances and derived a variety of exotic effects. They are called: alchemists.

The chosen ones and the fanatics were very dissatisfied with the behavior of the alchemists who abuse Phantom Light Shahuas. So they gradually stopped offering Phantom Light Shahuas to the alchemists. After a plot to steal Phantom Light Shahuas was discovered, the chosen ones and the fanatics teamed up to expel the alchemists. They were forced to leave their homeland, wandering, and finally settled in the northern plateau and developed into a new kingdom: Agnesa (艾格尼萨).

In 1776 CE, the sage Watt finally broke through the shackles of energy and invented the magical engine. In the following decades, various types of magical machines came into being, and technology entered a period of the explosion.

In 1802 CE, the first magical airship was completed. Relying on the transportation power of the airship, the Aegnesians successfully crossed the boundless Western Death Desert and reached the new paradise: Fersares (弗尔萨瑞斯). As time went by, the Aegnesians gradually indulged and fell and degenerated in their pleasure. Instead of producing, they rely on the tribute from Fersares to maintain their luxurious lives. The Fersares were infuriated by the increasingly greedy material requirements of the Agnesians in the north.

In 2418 CE, a civil war broke out. The war lasted for nearly a hundred years. In the end, due to the lack of energy and materials, Agnesa had to recognize the independence of Fersares. They were forced to leave the Western continent and return to the increasingly cold and harsh north.

In 2567 CE, the catastrophe of the glaciers in the Far North engulfed nearly half of the Northern Continent. The Aegnesaws gathered all the alchemists and created five huge floating cities. The king of the north was hidden in the heavy snow, licking the wound and waiting for the opportunity.

The development of science and technology had also affected the ancient country of the East. The sophisticated mechanics from the north have sparked young people's fever of pursuit. Among them, the bottom-level people who are not favored by divine power accepted these new things most quickly. They were racing to buy books from the caravans in the north, and they are eager to learn the science of magic power. This phenomenon triggered the vigilance of the upper echelons of Wong. The lesson of former alchemists were still vivid, and the conservative Eastern powers did not like these diabolic tricks and wicked craft. The different ideas of conservatives and reformers had sparked long-term debates in the Eastern continent. This dispute continued until 2833 CE. The reformers' magical fleet found extensive archipelagos in the Southern sea. It is rich in natural resources and has a fascinating climate. This discovery elated the reformers. A large number of immigrants were sent to the South Islands, where they opened up barren hills and built towns and ports. In the end, most reformers chose to join the New World. They established their own country in the South Island: Tarpaz (塔帕兹).

In response to the growing energy crisis, the Western Fersares Academy of Sciences successfully developed a light energy conversion system, which could effectively convert solar energy into Shahua Energy Gems with large-area light energy mirrors. This technology was first applied to the Magical Puppet Factory (魔傀儡工厂), and a large number of low-energy, sustainable-operated mechanics were continuously produced and assembled, and they were incorporated into the various legions as a standing force. As a result, the contradictions between the conservatives and the radicals on how to use the puppet soldiers intensified, and the entire upper class in Western country broke up into two camps of Council of Elders (长老院) and Army Headquarter (军部).

In 3820 CE, Fersares Council of Elders ignored Army Headquarter's protests, formed a direct armed puppet corps, and brazenly started an undeclared war with Agnesa in the north. The puppet corps that required no sleep and logistics quickly broke through the desert outpost, and the north and the west launched a fierce offensive and defensive battle under Fort Arcadina (阿卡迪纳要塞). At first, the continuous offensive of the flooding machine soldiers caused great trouble to the northern defenders, but as time went by, the weak points of the low intelligence and slow response of the puppet soldiers became more and more apparent. After the powerful airship formation of Agnesa joined the battlefield, the tightly controlled airspace slowly pulled back the tilting war balance. This sudden war had been deadlocked for a while...

In 3828 CE, the sawing war between the western country of Fersares and the northern country of Agnesa, which lasted for more than eight years, ended in a dramatic way. The sudden explosion of the divine power of the impregnable Fort Arcadina shocked the world, and the space-time fissure left by the chaos of divine power evolved into a black forbidden area. Monsters from the alien land came to the mortal space through the cracks, causing disasters everywhere. In view of this, the military in the western country launched a call to the people, formed a mercenary union, and gathered people with lofty ideals to fight the fierce alien monsters. The rapid development of the union was so astounding that they soon established branch bases in the North and East countries. The warrior mania spread throughout the continent, and innumerable people responded. In this vigorous mercenary wave movement, the southern country had maintained a weird silence, but the fleets that traveled increasingly between the west and the south seemed to indicate the undercurrent flowing under the peace. The energy crisis was still going on, and the stalemate between the north and the west had not changed. Under the shadow rest a behemoth named War.

Time came to the end of the summer of 3836 CE, when a high school exchange student in the south country took a sailboat back to the capital of the country, his youthful eyes carrying a future with boundless hope. However, fate was slowly approaching him slowly and silently...


Country Country Info Emblem Info Emblem
Tarpaz (塔帕兹) 位于热带群岛的新兴移民之国,季风和洋流带来了无尽的丰饶物产,也是思想最为开放的商业国度,奉行自由的选举制。

凭借广袤的海洋,南国组建了数量庞大的舰队,称雄各大海域。 金钱和财富的贪欲随着力量的增长而日益腐蚀着南国的执政者们,平静的海之国似乎阴云渐起。

Representative color: Blue

塔帕兹的国徽中央是面画有海洋和三叉戟的盾牌,其上有船帆下有船锚,表明了南国海岛国家的独特之处。 左侧是一只鲸豚,传说当年塔帕兹岛屿的发现与它有关,象征着“友好”;右侧是一只南国随处可见的海鸥,代表着“和平”。 盾牌上部由蓝色风信子和绿色曼陀罗点缀,分别代表着“热情好客”和“生命与希望”。

Tarpaz emblem
Wong (楻) 文明起源之地,政教合一的古老帝国,民风较为保守,崇尚自然。

国土大部分由丘陵、草原和森林组成,物产丰富,宁静和平,被称为“神赐之地”。 作为能源最丰富的国家,楻国有着大陆唯一的魔法力量者部队,被称为秘教团,实力神秘莫测,令各国忌惮无比。

Representative color: Green

楻国的国徽主体是一只形似凤凰的鸟类,听闻楻国的皇室与凤凰神鸟之间有着千丝万缕的联系。 凤凰胸口一片十字金属是代表东国特有武器的回旋镖,上面盖着一朵幻光花,身为维尔哈伦大陆神力的重要来源,绝大多数的幻光花都生长在楻国。

Wong emblem
Fersares (弗尔萨瑞斯) 曾经是艾格尼萨的附属殖民地,后来独立成为军事集权的国家,崇尚武力。

国土多山地,拥有大陆唯一的沙漠和最高的山脉群。 在能源退化的影响下西国研究出了低能耗的机械傀儡兵,国内也因此分为保守派和激进派两大集团,军队上层就此陷入了权利斗争的漩涡之中。

Representative color: Red

由于西国的成立是经历独立战争而来,所以西国全国尚军尚武。 其国徽正中是一面红色巨盾,上面交叉着一对剑斧,象征着战争与勇气;两侧竖立了一对西国传说中的猛兽——蛇尾獒,它是传说中代表凶猛与武力的凶兽。 巨盾之上有一顶骑士头盔,缠绕其旁的是一片荆棘,这些象征着“苦难”、“艰辛的道路”;顶端两侧有一对木棉花,象征着“英雄”与“气节”。

Fersares emblem
Agnesa (艾格尼萨) 由被驱逐的炼金师们组建而成的古老国度,各大家族依靠5个巨型浮空城分建自治领,组成了联邦制的国家。

国土最为辽阔,但是60%以上都被厚厚的冰川雪地所覆盖,物资贫瘠,人口稀薄。 凭借着古老相传的炼金术,北国拥有许多不为人细知的科技,其中以空军机械最为出名。

Representative color: White

艾格尼萨国徽的正中是代表着据守着五座浮空城的五大家族的徽章,表明了艾格尼萨独特的联邦制度。五块区域的图样分别代表着五大家族的代表领域。 左右两边竖立着一对神祇乃是北方信仰的双子神——司掌“永生与收获”的阿夫尼(Avni),司掌“希望与护卫”的耶萨尔(Esail)。 其上方是北方传说中的神兽双头山羊,其下方缠绕的是仙女木,传说中是双子神诞生时伴生的神木,有着带来吉运的神力。

Agnesa emblem


Vyrut ChronoEdit

Vyrut chrono

Voiced by Anjiang (俺酱)




Seckor LupeEdit

Seckor lupe

Voiced by Mario




Shun OldwinEdit

Shun oldwin

Voiced by Wuen (吾恩)





Regin ThnockEdit

Regin thnock

Voiced by Xiaozhui (小坠)




Miyo GrevinEdit

Miyo grevin

Voiced by Miao ☆ Jiang (喵☆酱)




Hsuan DodgeEdit

Hsuan dodge

Voiced by Renyidaren (人衣大人)




Yuno AskerEdit

Yuno asker

Voiced by RaJor




Rhea TurnerEdit

Rhea turner

Voiced by Yun no Qi (云の泣)




Gloria VellaEdit

Gloria vella

Voiced by Luoxuan (洛萱)




Emon JEdit

Emon j

Voiced by ClessS




Kony DeanEdit

Kony dean

Voiced by Youkemao (佑可猫)




Gian LannalEdit

Gian lannal

Voiced by Fengxingliudong (风行流动)






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