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|vocadb = 236227
|vocadb = 236227
|mgp = 失重银河}}
|mgp = 失重银河}}
{{Song box 2
|title = "'''Misty Party'''"
|singers = [[Xingchen]], {{SVW|Chiyu}}, {{SVW|Shian}}
|producers = Hoskey (compose, arrange)
* Uniparity (lyrics)
* [[Zeno]], Zuobiao-P, Rui'an Ryan (tuning)
* Hanasa, ATDan (art)
* Fei Mi Yinghua (video)
|image = misty party.png
|color = #332B4A; color:#F3E1EA
|date = January 3, 2019
|views = {{v|bb|6,909}}
|links = {{l|bb|81886048}}
"'''Misty Party'''" is an original song featuring Xingchen, Chiyu, and Shian.
{{Lrc legend|#332B4A; color:#F3E1EA
{| style="width:100%"
! align=left |''Chinese'' (中文歌词)
! align=left |''Pinyin'' (拼音)
|miwu zhi zhong shei zai yanzou yuanwuqu
|jiaobu fang qing ganfu mofa paidui de yaoqing
|{{lrc color|xingchen|暗夜小径请告诉我身在哪里}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|anye xiaojing qing gaosu wo shen zai nali}}
|wuxu danxin qian qi shou ta ru monü de ezuoju
|{{lrc color|shian|怪物在床底潜行 黑猫在床边留下足迹}}
|{{lrc color|shian|guaiwu zai chuang di qianxing hei mao zai chuang bian liu xia zuji}}
|{{lrc color|shian|她还是个孩子呢 不愿相信魔法烙下的印记}}
|{{lrc color|shian|ta haishi ge haizi ni bu yuan xiangxin mofa lao xia de yinji}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|还不敢独自睡去 嘲弄地揉着我的眉心}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|hai bu gan duzi shui qu chaonong de rouzhe wo de meixin}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|发觉迷雾将月光蛊惑在夜里 那镜中倒影不像自己}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|fajue miwu jiang yueguang guhuo zai yeli na jing zhong daoying bu xiang ziji}}
|别害怕远方诡谲的笑声 别厌恶我阴沉的表情{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|bie haipa yuanfang guijue de xiao sheng bie yanwu wo yinchen de biaoqing {{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|这场派对从最初就选择了你{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}} {{lrc color|chiyu|握紧我的掌心}}
|zhe chang paidui cong zuichu jiu xuanzele ni {{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}} {{lrc color|chiyu|wo jin wo de zhangxin}}
|miwu zhi zhonggong wu shuangren yuanwuqu
|jiaobu fang qing gen shang mohuan paidui de xuanlü
|{{lrc color|chiyu|暗夜小径吞噬你我身后足迹}}
|{{lrc color|chiyu|anye xiaojing tunshi ni wo shenhou zuji}}
|wuxin taoli yige wen huiying monü de ezuoju
|{{lrc color|shian|蕾丝滚边的洋装 火炉上大釜不停冒气}}
|{{lrc color|shian|leisi gunbian de yangzhuang huolu shang dafu bu ting mao qi}}
|{{lrc color|shian|我明白魔法无法让你微笑 但却能让你停止哭泣}}
|{{lrc color|shian|wo mingbai mofa wufa rang ni weixiao dan que neng rang ni tingzhi kuqi}}
|眨眨眼没能发出声音 摇摇头思绪不再清晰{{lrc color|xingchen|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|zha zhayan mei neng fachu shengyin yao yaotou sixu bu zai qingxi {{lrc color|xingchen|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|原来人偶的世界不存在恐惧}} 我从此便能一直注视你{{lrc color|xingchen|■}}{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|yuanlai ren ou de shijie bu cunzai kongju}} wo congci bian neng yizhi zhushi ni {{lrc color|xingchen|■}}{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}
|我曾经如此渴望牵起你的手 分享这片孤寂{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|wo cengjing ruci kewang qian qi ni de shou fenxiang zhe pian guji {{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|舞会落幕后遍地凌乱的面具{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}} {{lrc color|chiyu|嘲笑我的空虚}}
|wuhui luomu hou biandi lingluan de mianju {{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}} {{lrc color|chiyu|chaoxiao wo de kongxu}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|别再垂泪叹气 黑暗中回荡着我的声音}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|bie zai chui lei tanqi hei'an zhong huidangzhe wo de shengyin}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|眨眨眼月光不再神秘 摇摇头贴着柔顺发絮}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|zha zhayan yueguang bu zai shenmi yao yaotou tiezhe roushun fa xu}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|你在永夜的世界等待奇迹}} 我愿意留下来默默注视你{{lrc color|xingchen|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|{{lrc color|xingchen|ni zai yong ye de shijie dengdai qiji}} wo yuanyi liu xialai momo zhushi ni {{lrc color|xingchen|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|是谁在耳边轻轻细语 哪双手覆上冰冷的掌心{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|shi shei zai er bian qing qing xi yu na shuangshou fu shang bingleng de zhangxin {{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}}
|魔法失效后终于脱下了面具{{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}} {{lrc color|chiyu|照亮我的孤寂}}
|mofa shixiao hou zhongyu tuo xiale mianju {{lrc color|chiyu|■}}{{lrc color|shian|■}} {{lrc color|chiyu|zhao liang wo de guji}}
|miwu zhi zhonggong wu shuangren yuanwuqu
|jiaobu fang qing gen shang mohuan paidui de xuanlü
|anye xiaojing tunshi ni wo shenhou zuji
|wuxin taoli yige wen huijue monü de ezuoju
==Other media appearances==
This song was featured in the ''[[天马行空 (Tiānmǎxíngkōng)|Fairytale]]'' album.
==External links==
|vocadb = 243841
|mgp = Misty_Party
|url = {{IW|Synthv-lyrics|Misty Party|SynthV Lyrics Wiki}}

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Song title
  • "失重银河"
  • Traditional Chinese: 失重銀河
  • Pinyin: Shīzhòng Yínhé
Published December 8, 2019, with 12,500+ bilibili views
  • Siren (lyrics, compose, arrange, tuning, mixing)
  • Ba (art)
  • Wei Tu (video)
  • Yuan Chuan Mang (planning)


Put on headphones, and experience the feeling of weightlessness
—Author's note
"Shīzhòng Yínhé" is an original song featuring Luo Tianyi.

Succeeding versions

Translation Mujuuryoku Ginga
Categories VOCALOID self-cover, Alternative language
The Japanese version of the song.


Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
记忆涨潮 如行云如流水 jiyi zhangchao ru xing yun ru liushui
如眼前车马匆匆 ru yanqian che ma congcong
月光回溯 既视感地平线 yueguang huisu ji shi gan dipingxian
害心绪不知所措 hai xinxu buzhi suo cuo

在云靠岸的地方 月生辉银河下 zai yun kao an di difang yue sheng hui yinhe xia
散落着我的星光 是否还在发亮 sanluozhe wo de xingguang shifou hai zai fa liang
在地平线那一端 跨过夜的黑暗 zai dipingxian na yiduan kua guoye de hei'an
是否有我的答案 我只能够眺望 shifou you wo de da'an wo zhi nenggou tiaowang

街灯晕眩 失重感如过去 jiedeng yun xuan shizhong gan ru guoqu
未来倒影重叠 weilai dao ying chongdie
夜幕如画 萤火虫燃天灯 yemu ru hua yinghuochong ran tian deng
夜空上星月回笼 yekong shang xing yue huilong

在云靠岸的地方 月生辉银河下 zai yun kao an di difang yue sheng hui yinhe xia
散落着我的星光 是否还在发亮 sanluozhe wo de xingguang shifou hai zai fa liang
在地平线那一端 跨过夜的黑暗 zai dipingxian na yiduan kua guoye de hei'an
是否有我的答案 我只能够眺望 shifou you wo de da'an wo zhi nenggou tiaowang

在风停摆的天港 月生霜云层上 zai feng tingbai de tian gang yue sheng shuang yunceng shang
闪耀着我的星盘 是否还在旋转 shanyaozhe wo de xing pan shifou hai zai xuanzhuan
在昼夜线的彼岸 跨过山跨过海 zai zhouye xian de bi'an kuaguo shan kuaguo hai
是否有我的答案 我只能够眺望 shifou you wo de da'an wo zhi nenggou tiaowang

银河下失重 yinhe xia shizhong

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)






Other media appearances


The Chinese and Japanese versions of the song are both featured in the Wéi Yi album.

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