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Possibly Important Reference Archive

Holds links to potentially important information about future releases. These links are considered to be "rumors" due to the lack of credibility and acknowledgement from VOCALOID groups and companies. These links would be removed if: A) It's been debunked by VOCALOID group/company. B) It's been acknowledged, confirmed, or reinforced by VOCALOID group/company.

  1. "Original Interview with Dr. Yun from ST MEDiA" (DeviantART journal) - Contains information about ST MEDiA's future project (a male Korean VOCALOID after UNI English release) and statements about pushing UNI's Power/Soft voicebank to Winter 2017.
  1. Asuka and Kyoka's website
  1. Asuka and Kyoka's YouTube
  1. AsuKyo twitter
  1. Asuka's twitter
  1. Kyoka's twitter
  1. AsuKyo Instagram

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  • The song is featured in an album
  • It utilizes a VOCALOID that struggles to achieve many songs with 100k+ views
  • If a song has 500,000+ views, I try to look for derivatives. Songs with 500k+ are usually popular enough to receive derivatives.

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Singer Zing Luniang Lorra
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Song section

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Song title
  • "三体文明之征途"
  • Traditional Chinese: 三體文明之征途
  • Pinyin: Sān Tǐ Wénmíng zhī Zhēngtú
  • English: Journey of the Earth Three-Body Organization
Published October 1, 2014, with 111,400+ bilibili views
  • SaluteP (compose, arrange, tuning)
  • Xi Xing (lyrics)
  • Alucard (video)


"Sān Tǐ Wénmíng zhī Zhēngtú" is an original song featuring YANHE. It is based on the novel The Three-Body Problem.

The revised edition exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili.

Preceding versions

Original Version
bilibili logo
SaluteP (compose, arrange, tuning), Xi Xing (lyrics), Xinzhi (art), Hu Fantuan (video)
Categories Preceding version


Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
恒乱纪元规律难读 仍有文明不灭灯烛
鲜血铺成的旅路 五十亿年号啕一哭
毁灭边缘轮回之族 何谓冷酷何谓麻木
存亡生死总无定数 谁拨开家园这层迷雾
不甘苟活于此桎梏 更不曾向命运屈服
生存是唯一的背负 星河的探索之途又航向何处
无爱无喜悲 无甘无苦 决死领悟

用单摆石碑铭刻信仰 所谓感情尽是虚妄
这宇宙肮脏刚者恒强 族群长续不能忘
那三颗太阳破灭之光 希望之光谁埋葬
最后的战场光年彼方 让铁与血一同激荡

四百光时漫漫征途 满目废墟满目杀戮
且抱紧这场赢输 向着太阳许下赌注
并非誓愿并非祝福 生的选择仅此一路
聆听战鼓已然急促 向远方凛然迈出这步
不甘苟活于此桎梏 更不曾向命运屈服
生存是唯一的背负 愚昧的地球虫豸你们将臣服
这毁灭之路 新生之路 神佑我族

用单摆石碑铭刻信仰 所谓感情尽是虚妄
这宇宙肮脏刚者恒强 族群长续不能忘
那三颗太阳破灭之光 希望之光谁埋葬
最后的战场光年彼方 让铁与血一同激荡

生的盼望永不忘 百轮文明流长
远航方向路苍茫 携手奔赴沙场
绝处方显我族荣尚渡星河 在那蓝星开拓新边疆
生的盼望永不忘 百轮文明流长
远航方向路苍茫 携手奔赴沙场
绝处方显我族荣尚渡星河 在那蓝星开拓新边疆

立于石碑下拷问命运 冰与火中泣血追寻
这荒凉宇宙铁律森森 我族之命不系于人
决死之征途以战承魂 承蒙神意起航时分
这不尽路程一去无痕 我族长兴鲜血常温

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