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超強烈快感嗡嗡嗡震動.png|超強烈快感嗡嗡嗡震動|link=超強烈快感嗡嗡嗡震動 (Chāo Qiángliè Kuàigǎn Wēngwēngwēng Zhèndòng)
Luo Tianyi and YANHE
Luo Tianyi and YANHE

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This is basically the "room" I use to store song pages that we've basically checked through in terms of background, lyrics, etc., so go look at them I guess. Plus I needed some other space to throw all of this in because my Sandbox/User pages are getting full and I really don't want these over there (especially when the WIP section is growing pretty much every day). I'd rather have the "finished" in its own place. And aside from song pages, you'll find some image archives that belong on the notable song pages, but are put away due to benchmark increases. Literally for hoarding purposes and to get them off the "Songs featuring" pages while keeping the file name for any potential resurfacing.

Please don't edit this page without asking. I really don't see any reason for anyone to be editing it in the first place because it's literally all storage. XP

You are, however, absolutely free to edit the song pages themselves though. Just because they're listed in here, doesn't mean they entirely finished, complete, or correct (why do you think I keep adding "-ish" in the headers? lol). These pages were added in here through our combined efforts of trying to make them as finished as possible, but they're not going to be perfect. If you want to help with the backgrounds or if the lyrics aren't correct or whatever, feel free to help. Just don't vandalize them.

"Complete-ish" Solo Pages feat. Chinese VOCALOIDs

Luo Tianyi

See Luo Tianyi/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 500,000)


See YANHE/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 200,000)

Xin Hua

See Xin Hua/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 50,000)

Yuezheng Ling

See Yuezheng Ling/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 200,000)


See Xingchen/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 100,000)

Yuezheng Longya

See Yuezheng Longya/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 50,000)

Hatsune Miku

See Hatsune Miku/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 900,000)

Zhiyu Moke

See Zhiyu Moke/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 25,000)

Mo Qingxian

See Mo Qingxian/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 10,000)


See Yuecheng/Notable songs list (Benchmark = 2,000)

"Complete-ish" Song Pages feat. Multiple VOCALOIDs


See Collaborative songs/Duets

Luo Tianyi and YANHE

Luo Tianyi and YANHE (Benchmark is 400,000)

Luo Tianyi and YANHE (Benchmark is 400,000)

Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling (Benchmark is 300,000)

Xin Hua and Yuezheng Ling (Benchmark is 100,000)

Luo Tianyi and YANHE (Benchmark is 400,000)

Luo Tianyi and Ling (Benchmark is 300,000)

Xin Hua and Ling (Benchmark is 100,000)


See Collaborative songs/Trios

Miku, galaco, and Xin Hua

Tianyi, YANHE, and YOHIOloid (benchmark: 100,000)

Tianyi, YANHE, and Ling (benchmark: 100,000)


See Collaborative songs/Group renditions

Notable Song Page Icon Archive

Current benchmark is 500,000

Current benchmark is 200,000

Current benchmark is 50,000

Current benchmark is 200,000

Current benchmark is 100,000

Current benchmark is 50,000

Current benchmark is 900,000. CHINESE SONGS ONLY.

Current benchmark is 25,000

Current benchmark is 10,000

Current benchmark is 2,000

Tianyi / YANHE; current benchmark is 400,000

Tianyi / Ling; current benchmark is 300,000

Producer pages

This is a list of producers that have pages. It's basically for me to keep track of.

Known authorized Zhang Chuchu and Yuecheng users:

  • Ano-project
  • Hatuqi-P
  • Huduoduo
  • Keli
  • Xin ARC
  • Yueyixi
  • Zuobiao-P
  • digger
  • Guiyuesuoxin
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