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  • I live in America
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is student
  • I am Male, ♂, 男
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(Work in Progress pages)
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长安醉梦.png|长安醉梦|link=长安醉梦 (Cháng'ān Zuì Mèng)
长安醉梦.png|长安醉梦|link=长安醉梦 (Cháng'ān Zuì Mèng)
如果消失.png|如果消失|link=如果消失 (Rúguǒ Xiāoshī)
如果消失.png|如果消失|link=如果消失 (Rúguǒ Xiāoshī)
我们的故事.png|我们的故事|link=我们的故事 (Wǒmen de Gùshì)

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! 我的中文不太好。。。 I don't know Chinese that well to have a full conversation with anyone and can only read/write a little. However, do not allow this to intimidate you into not asking me questions or talking to me. I don't mind if you write to me in Chinese, in fact, I encourage everyone to write in the language they are most comfortable with, but I will take a lot longer to respond back. !

Bemoan the lack of banana for scale
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Hey, I'm NebulousViper and I'm one of the admins of Vocaloid Wiki. Don't be afraid to ask me things (though I'll admit that I don't know everything).

I'm usually here creating song pages for original Mandarin songs. It's kind of obvious that I specialize in researching and providing information on the Chinese VOCALOIDs. I also occasionally the Status page (particularly the "Announced Vocals" section). Please keep in mind that I do not speak Mandarin (or Cantonese) fluently and I can barely read/understand Chinese, but I'm still kinda learning it.

I've been a fan of VOCALOID since 2012 and I favor the Chinese VOCALOIDs. I love all of them, but if I had pick one as my top favorite, it's Yuezheng Longya (but I become extremely torn when I have to pick all of them apart and choose). I tend to like all VOCALOIDs as there's always something to like. From each language, I enjoy DEX for English, MEIKO, KAITO, Hiyama Kiyoteru, VY2, YUU, KYO, WIL, ARSLOID, Fukase, and MEIKA Mikoto for Japanese, Bruno for Spanish, and UNI for Korean. My favorite private VOCALOID is Yuecheng, though I also like Zhang Chuchu.

I don't really do anything important for the VOCALOID fandom aside from assisting with the Wiki, although I occasionally work on originals and covers.

Thanks for reading!


Other Wikis

I can be found at the following Wikias:

  • UTAU Lyrics Wikia - Regular editor; occasionally active - Cross-editing with VOCALOID Wikia song pages if an original features an UTAU or an UTAU sings a preceding or succeeding version.
  • Synthesizer V Wikia - Admin; occasionally active - Helps in regards to cross-editing for the Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd. Synthesizer V vocals and demo songs. Admin duties include maintenance (deleting things, moving pages, etc).
  • SynthV Lyrics Wikia - Regular editor; occasionally active - Cross-editing with VOCALOID Wikia song pages if an original features a SynthV vocal.
  • Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki - Regular editor; occasionally active - Only appears if there was an issue with any copy and paste jobs from VOCALOID Wiki. Minor corrections for songs where my friends and I were featured.
  • UTAU Wikia - Regular editor; occasionally active - Edits on behalf of JAE VOCAL PROJECT and affiliates. Helps build pages if needed.
  • DeepVocal Wikia - Regular editor; occasionally active - Edits on behalf of JAE VOCAL PROJECT and affiliates. This role was fulfilled by Mina.Ki previously.

General "To-do" on Vocaloid Wiki

  • Mass viewcount updates take place every ten days and performed by bot. I spend three days checking over to make sure no songs have dead links and to tag appropriately if so.
  • Alternate between correcting old song pages and making new ones. Most of the time, I'm making new song pages based on my own criteria which is listed in my Sandbox.
  • Occasionally editing for upcoming VOCALOID products.
  • Make album pages.
  • Make producer pages.

The Family

After 5 years since coming across VOCALOID and diving into the fandom, I finally bought my very first VOCALOID. Here is a list of VOCALOIDs I purchased. The list is based on the order I got them in.


Other synths

This doesn't count UTAU and DeepVocal.

Possible wishlist

There are other VOCALOIDs that I'm thinking of adding to my collection, however, I might not do so (depends on my interest in working with the language or whether I'll be likely to use them or not). Chinese vocals are ALWAYS a priority, so I won't list those here. These are not in any particular order (though I'm very unlikely to pick up any of the V1 or V2 vocals to be honest especially if they're dead/there's no codes left. I really hope that these would be updated but I won't be surprised if they don't). I'm not likely to pick up a Korean or Spanish vocal. This list is always subject to change depending on my mood or if I really don't want them anymore.

Album collection

Straightforward right? These are the albums I've collected. They're mostly physical copies, but I do have digital copies if a physical isn't available to me. These are not really in a specific order.

Personal rechecks

Please be aware that there may be R18+ material.

This section consists of pages that are currently undergoing additional edits and fixes. These include, but are not limited to, improving and checking over the lyrics, adding additional/rewording background information, checking for epileptic PVs, etc. The updated pages can be found on my watchlist linked above.

Work in Progress pages

Those that are still in this section are still works in progress and will not move until a native touches them up (mainly background problems, lyric checks, and potential mistakes in the song boxes). They are sorted by viewcounts here. Higher viewcounts are a main priority.