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Hello! I'm Erin, but you can call me PiranhaPlant! I've been a fan of VOCALOID since 2011, although I was mostly a casual fan up until just a little while ago, when I decided I wanted to learn more about the music I was listening to. Even though my knowledge on VOCALOID is limited, I will try to be as much help to this Wiki as I can be.

I can usually be found lurking around the Wiki, occasionally making small edits or even creating pages for underappreciated songs. When I'm not on here, I'm most likely messing around on social media, listening to music on YouTube, or playing Animal Crossing on my 3DS.

If I had to pick a favourite VOCALOID, it would have to be Kaai Yuki, but RUBY and Hatsune Miku are close seconds. As for producers, I really enjoy the works of Genjitsutouhi-P and Powapowa-P.

I'm useless when it comes to art, and I don't own the VOCALOID software, so all I can do to show my love of VOCALOID is continue to be passionate about it. Being a part of the VOCALOID fandom has completely changed my life, and I am so thankful to everyone in this community for being amazing people who introduced me to something so wonderful; something that I hope I will be able to be passionate about for years to come.

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