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illust: Taisos

Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is PiranhaPlant, but you can call me Erin! I'm 16, and I have been listening to VOCALOID since 2011. My favourite VOCALOID is Kaai Yuki, but RUBY and Hatsune Miku are close seconds!

I suffer from extreme Social Anxiety and Depression. I don't go to school; I barely leave my house. Listening to VOCALOID music and being apart of the community has been a great coping method for me. That being said, please understand that I have a hard time interacting with new people. You most likely won't see me in the comment sections or forums much, and it will take some time for me to respond to messages. I'm trying to get better, but I still have a long way to go.

I make edits on the Wiki a lot. I don't have much structure in my day, so most of my time is spent in front of my computer. I can usually be found lurking around here, but occasionally I spend time at VocaloidOtaku. I'm more active here, though. When I'm not online, I'm playing games on my 3DS.


illust: Matutori

I mostly create pages for underappreciated songs and edit existing song articles.

I try to gather as much information as I can about a song, and I never start a song article until I feel like I have enough information. I mostly specialize in Japanese songs, as I have listened to those more than any other language supported by VOCALOID.

I often keep tabs on the Priority Song List and if I see a song I recognize or am curious about, I'll start researching. I'm pretty fast when it comes to researching and collecting data, so I can usually have the song page up by the end of the day, depending on when I started.

Song Pages I Created[]