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Hello 21:03, December 18, 2019

Scattered Glass - Rougefan056

Hey Rilena, just thought I should let you know a page for Scattered Glass was already made. 04:47, November 19, 2019

Rilena: I did not know. Thank you for informing me! 05:30, November 19, 2019

  • Rougefan056: No problem. 05:37, November 19, 2019

Examples of usageNebulousViperEditors cannot feature multiple usages from the same producer. This is against the guidelines for this template. The Examples of Usages template encourages variety.

It also seems that you might be using the visual editor? Doing so forces the template to collapse into a tight space which is not desirable for most editors here. Although it's not going to break the page in any way, it does look neater if it wasn't collapsing (when all the parameters and arguments squish against each other instead of having their own lines).  Edited by NebulousViper 23:23, June 20, 2019   

  • [1]RilenaNoted. I will attempt to find another original usage of Ken, possibly "Last Note" by Tokoharu or "Downer Stepper" by Annyaho.

I recently added a song by GHPZ to the Rin/Len featured page to fix the lack of variety there. Thanks. 23:41, June 20, 2019  

  • [2]NebulousViperPlease do not add the thumbs to the pages. They're not necessary.

00:36, June 21, 2019  

  • [3]RilenaOkay. Also noted. Thanks. Edited by Rilena 00:38, June 21, 2019  
  • [4]Bunai Direply to #3 NebulousViper wrote: Please do not add the thumbs to the pages. They're not necessary. Eh, I think thumbnails are fine if there is page for it. IMO It is a matter of uploading unnecessary thumbnails only for them to be gone once song changes. Since staff won't help with the whitelist the nico and bili thumbnails are just the logos by default. Readers would likely find it boring.

Thank youAngel EmfrblThe "You" on that page is accidental, since I'm reading a lot of tutorials to help and there is a habit of them speaking to the reader as though their personnel. The more professional ones don't do that, but the amateur ones, which often cover oddity considerations, use "we", like "we shall begin by...". ITs really hard not to end up doing the same thing when your recalling information in your head.

So thanks, I tried to not do that the best I could but some still slipped in.15:29, June 11, 2019

[5]RilenaNo it's fine. I thought it was accidental, but it's just something small that needs to be tweaked.15:51, June 11, 2019

  • [6]Tokina8937Sorry if I didn't have the time to re-read what you had written yesterday Angel ^^"

After, even the "we" it's something that can be avoided actually. Passive forms are even better for articles, even in scientific papers they really love using this. Like instead of using "you should use this", rather using "this should be used" (it's an example of passive form). It's true, I could have used more of this when I did the corrections and re-readings the other days... ^^"

A thing that may help you a bit Angel, after you're finished writing but just before publishing, open the research tool (on Windows it's Ctrl+F after I don't know your OS) and search for "you" and look at the context. Then try replacing it :)16:59, June 11, 2019

  • [7]AhAngel EmfrblI wrote a explanation for why we use "Megpoid" and "Gumi" but there is a cliche issue and my session is timing out... Again... ¬_¬

Anyway. Its because the mascot is "Gumi" and the software is "Megpoid"... Its pretty simple why we name the pages like that.

Once upon a time the wiki had both mascto and software on the same page and things got confusing. People thought the mascot was called "Megpoid" or "Megpoid Gumi", as well as Luka Append. When the Kagamine Appends came along and focus turned to the Kaito and Meiko Appends, it was about the time we realised with the upcoming "Extend" for Megpoid, we needed to change the way we did things.

Separating the mascot and software meant we now could use the opportunity to clear up the confusion. All mascots were called by their name as the mascot and software by their software name... In most cases it was the same and we could only use one version of the name so we had to add "(Vocaloid2)" to make the distinction between pages. X_X

At the time very few people actually came to the wiki for information on the software anyway so it was better to give them the page dedicated to just pleasing their Len fetish and leaving it at that. There wasn't so much interest in the software and having them on the same page just clustered up the page and made it harder for people who came for the mascot to get their google searches worth. Plus, with more updated versions coming out like the Appends, it wouldn't have worked to have everything in one place.

We had no idea though, V3 was on the horizon. We inherited a mess of a wiki and the creator disappeared in 2011.

Glad we did separate things, if there is one thing above all else I'm glad I did as bueaucrate before I quit, thats that and turn on comment section. I was a useless bueaucrat otherwise and hated it. Not envious of those in charge now... Only miss it when there is a flaw to the wiki system and I can't edit something as a normal editor. But that would frustrate any normal editor.

Flower is also separated by her name and software. Many called her "V Flower" when that refers to her V3 software, she is just "flower". But most Vocaloids as I said... They have the same software name as mascot name. There just isn't that many examples that cause the pages to end up with distinct names like this.09:52, June 2, 2019

  • [8]RilenaThat makes some sense now. So the main page is the software mascot, and the other pages are the software versions. Thanks. 12:34, June 2, 2019

Before the Message Wall existed: (Late 2018-Mid 2019)Edit

Help for sandbox + Discord verificationEdit

Hello :)

Seems you were a bit confused for sandbox, so I'll try to give you few tips. There are 2 types of users for the sandboxes:

- the ones who reunite everything in their sandbox (I'm part of this group ^^") but separate the different parts by some way (big lines, sections etc)

- the ones who make a sandbox per page they want to do

In terms of page names, it gives User:[Username]/Sandbox in the first case and User:[Username]/Sandbox/[Name of the page they want to sandbox]

(Replace [Username] by your own username and [Name of the page they want to sandbox] by the name of the page that has to be in sandbox of course ^^")

Seeing the red link on your userpage, I think you'd most use a single sandbox page for everything. If you want, you can create it here. No worries if it's empty, we won't delete it, and maybe, who knows, you'll want to create a page and help the Wiki? :)

Another thing and it's for Discord (since I'm also Discord mod). You came on the server under the tag Rilena#9083: can you confirm this so we can validate you? (Just answer below this discussion, and, I know some users made the confusion, no image upload for that please, just saying "yes it's me" or something like that is enough X) ) Thanks ^^

Tokina8937 13:18, January 7, 2019 (UTC)

Hello, We had to kick the account from Discord for no answering in time. However no worries this doesn't mean you have been banned! You can still come back on the server and give the confirmation proofs if you want to :)

Tokina8937 12:46, January 18, 2019 (UTC)

Reply to discord messages: I apologize for not responding soon enough. It was me, but I do not plan to use the discord server in the future. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused. Also, It seems I did not get the message in time, and what I used to message was a temporary account. It probably got deleted by now. Thanks for updating me on what happened.


User talk blanking Edit

Hello. Blanking your talk page is forbidden, and you may not do so. The only way you are allowed to remove messages from your talk page is if you plan to archive it, and you must add the messages to the archive first. Remember these messages aren't just for you to see, they're also something for staff to see so we can keep track of what has been sent to you and what hasn't been. Please, keep that in mind. Thanks. --akumi (need something~?) 15:30, January 19, 2019 (UTC)

Hatsune Miku: Dreamy Vocal Edit

Hey Rilena, I'm sorry if I might sound like that guy, but I might have already beaten you to the punch.

"I'm not your puppet, puppet master..." (talk) 02:58, May 28, 2019 (UTC)
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