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About me: VOCALOID community member since 2014. Though I initially was obsessed with the characters (specifically Len), the software and technological advancements made me stay. Now that the Piapro Characters have moved to Piapro Studio, I have become somewhat obsessed with English VOCALOIDs. I am an admin on the Piapro Studio Wiki. If I could figure out how to use UTAU and have it load voicebanks I would probably use it. So for now I'm sticking to DeepVocal, VOCALOID, and Piapro Studio.

Favorite VOCALOID Music Artists:

Crusher Lauren Estes nostraightanswer KIRA Shinjou-P
Yanagi-P Shr Mitchie M mothy DATEKEN

Favorite VOCALOIDs:

Multilingual English Japanese Chinese/Korean
Megpoid Amy, Chris Kaori, Ken Yuezheng Longya
Tonio Cyber Songman Yuu, Kyo Mo Qingxian
Prima Avanna Gackpoid Zhiyu Moke
Macne Nana DEX, DAINA Sachiko Uni

Purchased Products: So far all my products have been gifts from family. I prefer physical/boxed versions, as keeping track of downloads seems stressful. For downloaded products I usually create a CD-ROM case. Any products listed here are strictly related to VOCALOID/VOCALOID API.

My Editors: (order: oldest to newest generation)

My Family: (order: when I acquired them)

Wishlist: (subject to change, ordered by "priority")

PowerFX vocals are still expensive. I might wait to purchase their products.

Other synth products I own listed here: piapro studio products, DeepVocal voices

Owned Albums: Unless there is no physical copy available, I buy CDs.

Owned Singles: All of these are digital copies.


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