• I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is sandbox stalking
  • I am a pretentious cephalopod

Just your random rollback that tries to help revert any spam/vandalism on pages, make a few new pages (mostly for Lily and Luka but oddly Miku has more), and updates the song priorities page weekly. That's pretty much it... "I'm not your puppet, puppet master..." (talk)

Here is my Sandbox.

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Total: 104 (89 song, 15 album)

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My favorites


  1. Megurine Luka, Lily (best girls)
  2. Mo Qingxian (my nuwang)
  3. IA
  4. LUMi
  5. Macne Nana
  6. MEIKA Hime & Mikoto
  7. GUMI
  8. Kizuna Akari
  9. Luo Tianyi
  10. Ken
  11. Hatsune Miku
  12. Kagamine Rin


  1. Strangers
  2. WAVE
  3. キレキャリオン (Kire Carry On)
  4. -ERROR
  5. グラーヴェ (Grave)
  6. 砂の惑星 (Suna no Wakusei)
  8. アカリがやってきたぞっ (Akari ga Yatte Kita zot')
  9. Ace
  10. ヒバナ (Hibana)
  11. METEOR
  12. 金丝雀的逃亡之旅 (Jīnsīquè de Táowáng zhī Lǚ)
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