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Hi, my name is Scylar,I'm 15.I have a brown hair and blue eyes (strange, doesn't it :D).My favorite color is light blue.


What else I can say, I was born in USA and from not too long time I was transferred in Bulgaria (again, strange, doesn't it).

My hobbies are listening to music,playing video games, watching animes, drawing and dancing.

I signed up for the wiki because I don't have what to do in my free time.

Little Facts About Me[]

  • My favorite animes are Angel Beats,Fullmetal Alchemist,Ao no Exorcist,Beyblade Metal Fusion(Masters and Fury),Beyblade Metal Fight Zero-G,Black ★ Rock Shooter,Code Geass,D.Gray-Man,Date A Live,Death Note,Sonic X,Uta no Prince-Sama,Higurashi,Vampire Knight,Kuroshitsuji,Mekaku City Actors and Devil Survivor 2.
  • My favorite Vocaloids are Kagamine Rin and Len,Megurine Luka,MEIKO,KAITO,Kamui Gakupo,GUMI,Hatsune Miku,Utatane Piko,SF-A2 Miki,CUL,IA,Oliver,SeeU,MAYU,Galaco,ZOLA Project, YOHIOloid,kokone, anon and kanon and v flower.
  • My favorite video games: Sonic series, Super Smash Bros. series, Prototype 2, Slender Man, Deadpool, Mirror's Edge, BloodRayne, Saints Row, GRID 2, L.A. Noire,Need for Speed series,Steins;Gate,Agarest series,Wanted: Weapons of Fate,Assassin's Creed series,Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2,Tomb Raider series and Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker.

My Favorite Producers[]

Toku-P,DECO*27,Hachi,Buriru-P,Kurousa-P,Kuchibashi-P,Mezame-P,OSTER Project,kz,livetune,Yasuo-P,ryo,cosMo,Owata-P,JimmyThumb-P,sasakure.UK,Wowaka,Noboru↑-P,Chouchou-P,daniwellP,40mP,Yuuyu-P,Satsuki Ga Tenkomori,Hitoshizuku-P,Pinocchio-P,Deino,Shizen no Teki-P,Utata-P,Hachiouji-P,buzzG,doriko,Kusoinaka-P,Giga-P,AVTechNO!,Akuno-P,Machigerita-P,Nem,PolyphonicBranch,Rerulili and Scop.