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About MeEdit

My username has no real special meaning or anything behind it. To keep it short I was watching tv, heard the word and thought it was funny, and then used it as a username for a majority of things. I love reading, listening to music, and playing video games such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon  among others.

My sandbox

Questions, comments, concerns, etc.Edit

Leave a message on my talk page if you'd like to talk with me.


  • Willing to help if asked 
  • Updates and such for various pages
  • Adding songs on occasion to the collaborative lists
  • Fixing spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Adding new songs here and there to the song lists
  • Changing some of the wording around on some pages for easier understanding
  • Adding information and latest songs to producer pages
  • Creating song pages
  • Adding album pages on occasion

Series ContributionsEdit


  • Check for dead links on the songlists (WIP)
  • Attempt a rewrite of C Concerns (TBA)


Favorite VocaloidsEdit

I like most of the vocaloids available. However I would have to say that my favorites out of all are:

Female: Luka, Iroha, Gumi, Yukari, Sweet Ann, Miriam, Avanna, MAIKA, and Lily
Male: VY2, ZOLA PROJECT (KYO, YUU, WIL), Gackpo, and Big Al

Favorite ProducersEdit

In no particular order: niki, otetsu, out of survice, GigaP, Yairi, 40meterP, and buzzG to name a few.

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