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Hi there! :3 This is TerranMarine_036, reporting for duty! o7[]


|| Greetings wanderer~! ^^/ || maimai brought me here~

Anyways, I be an 18 y/o military, science and tech enthusiast; I represent myself as a soldier-like support ready to bring service whenever needed!~

If you need any help here, you can ask me or any other staff member here :)

I used to be an active forum-poster in Roblox until their forums was shut down in 2017. I actively chill in Discord from those days before until now. Nowadays I mostly only play games with a tight time schedule staying fully online.

Adventures in Vocaloid Wiki[]

As I was enjoying playing maimai, I enjoyed the Vocaloid/synth songs the most, then I started gathering song and general info about them here

Later I started doing minor/corrective edits here and VLW, then soon joined their discord server and socialized around, became more active, made some song pages until I am now what you see me here today ;)

Other Connections[]

This'll what I shall provide for now, buh bye!~ o/

...At mabuhay po sa inyo! :D