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I won't bomb, promise! Unless you're a vandal/spammer, in this case, prepare to watch my planes! Boom!
—Miss Toki


I am a Fandom user since 22-5-2018 (Appeared in Diamond Digger Saga Wiki). My discord account is Miss Toki#4512. I am also active in SOAP Wiki (and tracking vandalism and spam). I planned the adoption French VW on September 2019 and I confirm my intention since late October 2019.

I was originally an contributor on Diamond Digger Saga Wiki and Candy Crush wikis (I am admin on Candy Crush Wiki). Since September 2019, I planned to move my contribution activities to Vocaloid Wikis (including French). On 13-09-2019, I join Community Council. On 03-11-2019, I published for the first time the song page アサガオの散る頃に (Asagao no Chiru Koro ni). Also I like fighting spam and vandalism which happened on Fandom-wide network.

Since 12-11-2019, I am Bureaucrat on French Vocaloid Wiki.

On 23-11-2019, I created Piapro Studio Wiki (French).

My activities on English Vocaloid Wiki[]

  • Linking articles with French Vocaloid Wiki
  • Edit reviewing, reverting spam/vandalism/false information
  • Maintenance
  • Converting templates (external links templates, using my bot account for prevent flooding Recent Changes)

En Français ?[]

Ici sur le Wiki Vocaloid en français.