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I won't bite, promise! Unless you're a spammer, in this case, prepare to taste the knife! Nom!
—Tokina, without her "Empathy" wiki perk working at 100%

WW-small.svg25I'm Tokina and I'm a French user on this Wiki! ^^ I'm currently moderator for the Vocaloid Wikia Discord and also content moderator since end December 2018 (and also became SOAP member on June 2020). And this is my bot, Tokikobot, who is updating view counts automatically every 10 days :D

NEXT BOT RUN: January 10, 2021 00:00 and 12:00 (GMT+2)
Next one: January 20, 2021 00:00 and 12:00 (GMT+2) / 10 days after next run

seleP's page update is my main priority. Can also do the updates for the pages of mothy, Eyeris or Circus, but in lesser priority. Can also revert known vandalisms and do some repairs. And doing some little tasks by there. Or also doing anti-spam vaccines for the wiki (I see a spammer, I knife them up, understood? ^^).

Tips for Discord status:

- connected: online on comp
- inactive: either AFK either on phone, reduced activity
- busy: on comp but doing something else in priority (school/work stuff or microphone registering)
- offline: sleeping (also when phone and computer both turned off)

Note: be careful as I sometimes forget to turn off the computer and Discord while sleeping... And the custom status (including the icon) reveals what I am doing (or my producer identity is doing, "my other self" as I call her).

Icons for Discord:
sushi icon: AFK eating
knife: spam hunt
dagger: gaming
heart: resting/gaming
piano: reserved for my producer self
bed: sleeping/in bed
phone: using Discord on my phone
writing: article writing on a wiki
laptop: computer maintenance/rebooting unit
clock: misc AFK

Very available when the icon of the knife, the dagger, the heart, the piano or the writing are online ; otherwise, may be slow to answer.


Just here!


Note: I'll always refer to my producer identity as "her" and not "I", be aware of that.

Also I am here mainly as a Vocaloid "fan". Only use the discussion page for questions about this "identity" (and other Wikia's related discussions). Thanks :)

Please do not create a page for my producer identity neither for her original songs. I insist on it.

My VOCALOID family

I'm currently under VOCALOID4 and VOCALOID5 editors for working (1st one for writing the files, 2nd one to render), but I also have the V3 motor. These are the VOCALOIDs I currently have, in order I purchased them (or got offered). I currently have 13 different characters. All are physical except for VY1, Kaori (only exist in download versions) and Tianyi (impossible to physically get her on Amazon so used EN VOCALOID shop instead).

Note: I didn't activate other V5 voicebanks from VOCALOID PREMIUM, but I have their serials.

Edition beacons that I use

Please note if the most are used on this Wiki, some others may not be present for Vocaloid Wiki.

Many of my edit summaries and my beacons are also explained here.

Ever wanted to know why such beacons? Here you are! :D

Classical Beacons - "informative beacons"

  • [minor] : Most common one. The "minor edit" case is checked and is used in case the code change is too minor (misprint corrections, view count updates, removal of a link when the page has a lot of content, esthetism fixes etc). Is never used during the edition of a section. Changes where a section name or the number of sections is modified never have this beacon. If the beacon is the only thing present in an edit reason, that means the latter has not been specified.
-> Other languages: [menor] (Spanish), [mineur] (French)
  • [invisible] : there was a change in the code, but this change does not alter the visual display of the page (comment added/modified). An invisible change may not always be a minor edit. If another visible edit is done at the same time, the beacon is not set up.
  • [off] / [official] : reserved to edits on pages where I participated in the work (listed in the credits, whatever the identity used). Never used on Vocaloid Wiki.
  • [WARNING] : Rarely used, but if you see this, that means an abnormal behavior has been detected and is not compatible with what the page is saying. May also be used in comments.
  • [INFO] : Only in comments. May be a minor warning in some cases.
  • (!) : Used as warning point (missing info, breaking warning...)
  • [Scripted deletion] Deletion that has been made either thanks to BatchDelete (mass deletions) either thanks to QuickTools v2's delete tool (special pages deletions) either WHAM tool (annihilation of all edits by an user).
  • [Scripted edit] Rarer, edits that have been made thanks to MassEdit for some tasks.
  • [Scripted] Used while using MassProtect, especially for anti-spam vaccine program.
  • [VARIANT: string]: (string is a string of characters or a single word) Indicates for a spam title the title being protected is a variant of a type of spam.
  • [PHALANX_COMPLEMENTARY]: Indicates for a spam title being protected it is normally blocked by Phalanx, but is protected in case the system fails to block the title.
  • [HUMAN MODE]: Only used on Tokikobot's edits. Means the bot account is used by myself in a human way but to do massive tasks that could clutter up activity's feed. (eg: massive replacements of templates)
    • Can also use the indication "(guided)" for less massive tasks, still in the same conditions.

Discussion pages beacons - "discussion beacons"

  • (answering) : Answering to a comment on the page, often in direct reply
  • (adding info) : Not a direct answer but may add info on a topic
  • (updating info) : Not a direct answer, but notification that the section received an update on its status.
  • (new subsection) : Happens if there is an edit of a section where a new subsection is added (same global topic but not exactly the same part)
  • (no explanation given) : When the modification fits to nothing detailled above

Types of edits - "free beacons"

I always display the reasons of the edits. In general, when there are major and minor changes (ex: adding an invisible comment and removing reprints), only the major ones may be listed. Most of time, the reasons are written in the "cold" way: neutral formulation, just listing what has been changed. However... Be also careful if the reason of editing adds some precision (doubt about an edit, warnings). :)

  • "Undo revision" : simple undo, classic. Used to revert edits from other users in case of vandalism/useless edit etc. If the minor case has been checked, means the undo has been done by the former version of AJAX undo and the check has been enabled automatically. Undos done by AJAX Undo never leave any undo reason.
  • "Rollback:" undoing my own edits. Happens in case of major problem (page breaking, mistake)
  • "Altered revision" : partial undo (edit is partially unvalidated), but the source of the edit before the concerned one is not totally restored and is modified in the meanwhile. Avoids doing an undo and an edit one after the other. Used when the revision has been done by another user.
  • "Self-alteration:" : partially undoing my own edits. (very rare)
  • "Reverted edits by" : Multiple undo using the Rollback script. Never used on self. Reserved to severe vandalism/spam ONLY. Also used for official rollback tool (current).
-> Other languages: Révoqué les modifications par (French)
  • "-" : no description for the reason of editing has been specified (very rare)
  • "Deletion requested" : when adding a delete template, reason by default in these cases (may sometimes add the reason after)
  • "Access violation": used on userpage and other pages where an edit is unauthorized (ex: sandbox). This is an undo reason. Is never applied when the concerned edit is done by a member of staff (admin, rollbacker, helper etc), neither in case of vandalism/spam revert (tolerance).
  • "Updated status": used for when updating task. User page-beacon only.
  • "Vandalism": Automatic summary generated by Patrik's Rollback script. Is not used anymore on this wiki.
  • "List updated": Used for updating the stalk list (as of December 2018)
  • "page creation target": (this beacon is showed as incomplete here) Protection reason. Part of anti-spam vaccine program. Used for title seen as spam on another wiki, to protect the wiki being spammed with this specific title. These protections are only done so IPs can't use this title (strict necessary).
-> if there is the additional sub-beacon "(suspect)", means the IP post that is used as template is suspect and a sort of possible spam, the protection is done with a preventive purpose.
-> if there is the additional sub-beacon "(heuristic)" or any similar sub-beacon, means the title hasn't been spammed yet, but is derived from a true hit and is considered as a possible future title used by the spam bots. (ex: regex derivatives, similar terms or synonyms etc)
-> if the beacon "[Scripted]" is added, this means the vaccine has been done thanks to MassProtect instead of the action=protect of each title page (protections of list of titles or titles with specific Unicode characters such as "?")
-> if the beacon "[VARIANT: string]" is added, means this title is known to be a variant of a spam bot type. Personal help used for retrieving titles of a same group for Phalanx requests
-> if the beacon "[PHALANX_COMPLEMENTARY]" is added, this means the title is normally blocked by Phalanx, but is protected in case the system fails to block the title

To-do list for now

Reprints removal - Original and cover song lists pages

Status: On hiatus. May be dropped if Bunai decides to delete the pages. Next: SF-A2 miki/Original songs list: D

The pages that already have been done are not listed anymore in the table.

The following pages will be treated by section for fast loading purposes: MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Kagamines, Megurine Luka, Camui Gackpo, GUMI, IA, SeeU.

Will proceed in the order of the template (first lines to last ones). May also treat pages with very few links first.

Please understand that this task may take up several weeks/months to be achieved (average editing time for one page: between 20 and 30min)

Absence of proofs for original links for original songs, missing producer names may also considerably slow down the task process.


Access pages (not treated yet / currently being treated)
VOCALOID name Original songs list
SF-A2 miki

SF-A2 miki/Original songs list

CURRENT - Begin from D

Kaai Yuki Kaai Yuki/Original songs list
Hiyama Kiyoteru Hiyama Kiyoteru/Original songs list
Nekomura Iroha Nekomura Iroha/Original songs list
Yuzuki Yukari Yuzuki Yukari/Original songs list
MEIKO MEIKO/Original songs list
KAITO KAITO/Original songs list
Hatsune Miku

(requires several days of treatment)

Hatsune Miku/Original songs list

Hatsune Miku/Original songs list, F-J

Hatsune Miku/Original songs list, K-O

Hatsune Miku/Original songs list, P-T

Hatsune Miku/Original songs list, U-Z

Kagamine Rin

(requires several days of treatment)

Kagamine Rin/Original songs list

Kagamine Rin/Original songs list, F-J

Kagamine Rin/Original songs list, K-O

Kagamine Rin/Original songs list, P-T

Kagamine Rin/Original songs list, U-Z

Kagamine Len

(requires several days of treatment)

Kagamine Len/Original songs list

Kagamine Len/Original songs list, F-J

Kagamine Len/Original songs list, K-O

Kagamine Len/Original songs list, P-T

Kagamine Len/Original songs list, U-Z

Megurine Luka Megurine Luka/Original songs list
Tone Rion Tone Rion/Original songs list
Camui Gackpo Camui Gackpo/Original songs list


(requires several days of treatment)

GUMI/Original songs list

GUMI/Original songs list, F-J

GUMI/Original songs list, K-O

GUMI/Original songs list, P-T

GUMI/Original songs list, U-Z

Lily Lily/Original songs list
Ryuto Ryuto/Original songs list
CUL CUL/Original songs list
galaco galaco/Original songs list
Chika Chika/Original songs list
VY1 VY1/Original songs list
VY2 VY2/Original songs list
Mew Mew/Original songs list
Aoki Lapis Aoki Lapis/Original songs list
anon & kanon anon & kanon/Original songs list
flower flower/Original songs list
CYBER DIVA CYBER DIVA/Original songs list
Fukase Fukase/Original songs list
SeeU SeeU/Original songs list
Luo Tianyi Luo Tianyi/Original songs list
YANHE YANHE/Original songs list
IA IA/Original songs list
MAYU MAYU/Original songs list
Utatane Piko Utatane Piko/Original songs list
Rana Rana/Original songs list

Going through the song listing original songs for each Vocaloid. Add missing producers if they are known. Remove reprints and replace links by originals. Update status if needed.

Going through the song listing cover songs for each Vocaloid. Add missing producers if they are known. Remove reprints and dead links, replace links by originals and update status if needed. Check all vids manually.

Add a comment in invisible for reprints's prohibition. ( Do not add any reprint to this list as they are not tolerated anymore on Vocaloid Wiki. )

Reprints removal - series pages

Status: will begin when other task will be finished.

Access: Category:Series

Remove any reprints listed in the series pages. Add a comment in invisible for reprints's prohibition. ( Do not add any reprint to this list as they are not tolerated anymore on Vocaloid Wiki. ) Also convert the pages with the preloads.

[Emergency] Quality checks and song listing creations

Status: Inactive

1 - Zhiyu Moke, Mo Qingxian, Mirai Komachi, Kizuna Akari, LUMi, Haruno Sora

This sub-task has been scheduled on August 17th 2018 and done on August 17th 2018.

Check the quality of sub-templates for Mirai, Akari, Qingxian, LUMi and Sora. Ref to Navbar contributions.

Create the missing pages and apply the reprints removal task (here: applying invisible comment for no reprints). Any subpage will be created no matter the status of the Vocaloid. The template being used for song lists will be updated progressively.

Task archive

Treatment of Tmbox and Muzie links

Status: done

Tmbox is defunct since August 2017.

The company behind muzie officially closed on May 31st, 2017.

Set the "defunct" tag to any Tmbox/Muzie official link.

For derivatives having links on these platforms, remove the links.

Inactive tasks

Section for tasks that can return at any moment but are currently inactive because the sub-tasks have been done.

Hall of Fame / Hall of Legend dead links removal

Status: Finished

Access page: Category:Hall of Fame / Category:Hall of Legend

Going through all articles in Hall of Fame then Hall of Legend and remove any dead link (especially reprints).

First inspection: song box itself

Second inspection: Alt versions

Third inspection: Derivatives

- Update the comments in several cases (region-locked videos, unlisted videos...)

The reprints were not removed if they were still online. (treated in next task)

Reprints removal - song pages

Status: Finished

Access page: Category:Songs featuring VOCALOIDs

Treated in several times GUMI, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, KAITO, Luo Tianyi, Megurine Luka, SeeU.

Going through every section of type "featuring [[insert Vocaloid name here]]" and remove all the reprints that are not authorized (= do not have this mention).

Works with alphabetical order.

- First inspection: song box itself

- Second inspection: derivatives and alt versions (only if exists)

- Think to remove all the dead links at the same time (reprints, derivatives links...), re-do some formattings if needed.

- Apply the "no reprint" template for the producers who are known to not authorize reprints.

- If spots incoherences (lack of "unavailable" template when uploads unavailable, wrong/missing comments, "unavailable" template added while uploads are still available), correct the mistakes

Reprints removal - producers pages

Status: Finished

Access page: Category:Producer

Going through the Producers category and remove all the reprints in featured works.

Remove dead reprints. Modify or update the comments for any official links if their status change (unlisted, private, deleted etc).

Works in alphabetical order.

An invisible comment may be added at the top of featured work list (acts as a temporary info, and if layout and policies are updated, the comment will be removed). The comment that will be added is the following:

Do not add any reprint to this list as they are not tolerated anymore on Vocaloid Wiki.

Explanation for translation template

Unofficial/unauthorized reprints are not tolerated on this Wikia, and all the official links, even if there are mistranslations in subtitles/caps, have to be added.

Reprints removal - Song examples templates

Status: Finished

Access page: Category:Examples of usage templates

Going through the pages of each Vocaloid character and inspect the song examples templates. Remove any reprint that is not authorized. Remove the dead links if there are some.

In the case where a part gets totally emptied (the only links were reprints or the song is no longer available on any platform), search in the notable songs examples a popular song that hasn't been listed in the template yet (else let it empty).

If the template is empty or the voicebank too recent, its page will get skipped.

Will proceed in alphabetical order.

Reprints removal - Notable songs pages

Status: Finished

Former access page: Category:Featured songs by Vocaloid

Going through the pages of listing notable songs for each Vocaloid and remove any reprint unless listed as being authorized.

Locked pages (without any work on it) will be skipped.

A comment will be added after the template of the intro: Do not add any reprint to this list as they are not tolerated anymore on Vocaloid Wiki.

Will proceed in alphabetical order.

[Emergency] Splitting of Songs featuring Hatsune Miku/Million

Status: Finished. Referent: Bunai Di

On the current existing page: replace all the templates in the hierarchy by a link towards the new pages for each year.

Create new pages along with their headers and the navigation tabs (modify them in consequence). Add the concerned original songs to them. Build the organization so it is also communicating with the main page at least.

Conversion - Derivatives into Derivative

Status: Finished. Was using Tokikobot's account to avoid to clutter activity feed. Please refer to the beacon "[HUMAN MODE]".

Take from this page all the song pages containing the former template and replace it by the new one. Some other minor corrections can be done at the same time.

This task is shared with some other users. The total of pages to treat is estimated to a bit less than 1,500.

Pages are taken in a random way.

Conversion: External links into official/unofficial

Status: Finished. Was using Tokikobot's account to avoid to clutter activity feed. Please refer to the beacon "[HUMAN MODE]".

Turn all the links in the section "External Links" of articles linked in these lists into their equivalents with the templates Official and Unofficial. Any album page having the format Romaji (Kanji) will be renamed by using Tokikobot to go beyond rate limit.