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〈\ _ /〉     __,)ヽ.
/ >充<ヽ    . '<´、ソフ
| |iノ\__>iリ    iミ//゙ノ )リゝ
从D|゚ ヮ゚ノハ.    乂.[リ゚ ー゚ノ!

Nothing to see here.

Mini to-do listEdit

  • Song pages:
    • I add the songs that I feel like adding, I guess.
    • Will help if anyone asks, I guess.
  • Circles
    • teamOS
    • CitRIN
  • Producers / Illustrators to be added:
    • Onigashima
    • Hinata
  • Series Page:
    • Add the Rin Len Series.
    • Summarize the New Millennium Series.
  • Others:
    • Add more novel news 'cause it's becoming a monthly basis. and try to care more about the other Vocaloid novels as well and NOT just the Kagamine ones
  • Putin-P Series page related stuff.
    • English titles -> Romaji
    • New characters should be added
    • Write up the last songs
    • Clear up interpretations that needs to be updated
    • Change the current "singers" to the singers in the ending credits of Kimi no Hitomi ni.
    • Pay the wiki a visit.
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