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Status: Nowadays I'll either do a good amount of edits or none at all so it's inconsistent (however, there's a more than a good chance I'll be on a different wiki; I go on several unlisted wikis for example game ones like The World Ends with You, other game wikis, etcetera). ...otherwise I might modify this profile page, comment, things like that. Right now, I'll only edit, contribute, and whatnot once in awhile. Other times, I might only make an edit several days before I do another one.

Hello! You can call me wint. See any spelling/grammar errors on the wiki? Tell me, and I'll check them out once I see them! ^ ^

[ There's a fairly good chance that I'll be editing this introductory profile section multiple times. If that bothers anyone, feel free to tell me to stop or lay off of it whenever you'd like. ...uh, the problem is, I wonder if I'd see it.; If I don't notice it after a long time, whether it's a blog post reply, a post on a blog entry, a message (?), please go ahead and keep trying to get my attention to make you halt my stupidity. Why do I keep modifying this? Well, the last time I edited it, I didn't have any sleep and it was nine in the morning. There you have it; also, with things like this, I'm an abnormal perfectionist, hahaha... but in the end, not really. I give up most of the time tbh. I both am and not. It's a mix, and, I'll stop rambling now.; ]

To-do list (put on-hold):Edit

  • Nowadays I just add in new songs for P's, add subs and remove incorrect subs, fix grammatical and/or spelling errors, etc. I might edit the list of Vocaloids listed down there in the future.
  • Italicized stands for "done."
  • Check Dizzyzebra's edits: Mayu, Meiko, Prima, Zola, Avanna, Yan He, Kagamine mirrors, Gumi, IA, SeeU, Mew, Yukari, Kiyoteru, CUL, Aoki Lapis, VY1, Iroha, Tone Rion, Bruno, Clara, Lily, Luo Tianyi, Gakupo, Galaco, Luka, and VY2.
  • The above is of higher priority; the following is on own time. Yes, I know there's some double entries.
  • Proofread a few of the VOCALOID and VOCALOID2 pages. Going to work on Gumi, then Iroha, VY2, Kaai Yuki, Gakupo, Meiko, and Kaito.
  • Proofread pages on the Vocawiki overall.
  • Attempt to make all pages consistent in the way Vocaloid info is presented.
  • Yes, I take this pretty seriously; Vocaloid music is very serious business when you have amazing instrumentals and too many a time lyrics that hit "too close to home."

About meEdit

This is pretty atrocious honestly why would people read this. Yes, I know this about me section is super long.

  • My favorite Vocaloid is Gumi when she's tuned WELL. I also really like SF-A2 Miki and when she's tuned well she is also bae, Mayu aside from the yandere character tic, VY2 (same as Miki), possibly Nekomura Iroha who is not entirely bae but still, Kaai Yuki when tuned well, and more so Kagamine Rin. So all in all Gumi, Miki, Mayu, VY2, and Kagamine Rin overall, but for individual songs when they're tuned well it makes me very happy. To add I love Gumi yeah, but I also sort of love Rin and Miki (MY CHILDREN) so I get a little feeling of disappointment when they're not tuned well to be honest.
  • Favorite Voca voice providers, though this doesn't always mean I like the Vocaloid they provide (?) for, include Megumi Nakajima, Lia, Saki Fujita.
  • Uhh I really like Gumi even if her voice isn't exactly my favorite and she gets tuned badly most of the time. I used to kind of treasure her a lot before. see, I used to check her featured songs a lot (it used to be every several days), but now I just check nico and YT sometimes. She's also the character I've cosplayed the most at 3 times. My favorites on Zerochan she is... the one tag I favorite a lot in comparison to other tags. The icons for other sites that I use, my wallpapers, my youtube channel art... you get the idea. orz;
  • I am also very into MikitoP's instrumentals and songs when sung by a good singer. If anything, you could call me the fan who too intently listens to music while staring at the ceiling with my lights off or spacing out in the dark. Just his music and I is the kind of feel you get idk it might be a personal thing, but I'm not entirely sure.
  • Before you read the following bullet I actually have different favorite songs when it comes to composition. For example, as highly controversial as Senbonzakura is, THE OFF VOCAL. ...still good, that.
  • Favorite songs include: Bird Love Song, Yuudachi no Ribbon, Yowamushi Montblanc, Showasen Girl, Wednesday Blues, Renai Yuusha (even if the tuning's not exactly my preference), Panda Hero, Alice ni Sayonara, *Hello Planet, Matryoshka, Kankitsu Neko Punch, YORU NO IKIMONO which I highly recommend checking out. Added as of early 2016 since I have a problem thinking of Vocaloid song faves: I adore siinamota/Powapowa's ピッコーン!!even if I think the tuning's pretty terrible in that song; it's a very good song nonetheless. I also adore Karasuyasabou's Dance Dance Decadance and like Kyouhansha even if the tuning isn't good. There's... even more sigh.
  • I had trouble with this, but producers would be Mikito-P (dang those instrumentals and lyrics wow, but yes his tuning is usually sadly not good) and Sasakure.UK, along with Hachi (even if I'm not always cool with his tuning it depends), Ishifuro, monaca:factory, Jin/Shizen no Teki-P (his composing, not his tuning), whoo (same). To add, Powa might be one of my favorites as well. No, it's not because of his death, to be honest. I used to have him in this list, but then I started not liking him as much. Before his death, I felt otherwise, but... anyway, again, rest in peace, Powapowa. I also like Karasuyasabou for his instrumentals and the like.
  • I'm familiar with a a really good amount of Voca P's as I recognize their names and which songs they've done even if not at all times. However, nowadays I unfortunately should familiarize myself with more.
  • Hm. I've watched a LOT of anime. I pretty much watch everything, except for the ecchi and harem genres. My myanimelist/MAL account is here . I also don't watch anything too horror-esque.
  • I've also played way too many video games. I own all consoles (including the super old ones via my uncle who also plays), except for the 360 and a couple of others. Favorite games are The World Ends with You, Kingdom Hearts II, Okami, Katamari Forever/Tribute, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Skyward Sword, and... I just have a feeling that I'm missing a couple more... -nervous laugh-
  • I'm a cosplayer; I've recently done Gumi's For My Soul and Yowamushi Montblanc. I've also done Goodbye to Alice. Non-Vocaloid cosplay would include Gwendolyn's gown outfit from Odin Sphere, Mio's Don't Say Lazy outfit, and several more.
  • I'm in like... a thousand fandoms or something like that? ...a series doesn't have to be one of my favorites, and I'd be able to answer pretty much anything someone asks. For video games, I'm in JRPG fandoms and more. Raptr account is here ,  it shows how many hours I spend on games and what I play, but I am missing a significant amount of games. There's a lot of anime out there and I'm not in most (because I'm picky), but I'm in a lot of them just by counting the ones I'm in. As for manga, I've read a lottt, actually, but I'm only in manga fandoms where the manga's well-known enough (it's sad that there aren't noticeable fandoms for great manga out there, sigh).
  • I've gone back into traditional art, but without a doubt, I WILL be getting back to digital once I acquire some form of a tablet or can draw with a mouse dopeopledothat I'm very clueless on that particular subject.

Anyway. Have a nice day! Thanks for visiting (this super long page)!;

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