Hi, I'm a R b a U Z i O but you may know me as Arbacyk or my other usernames. I'm an avid fan of VOCALOID and the world surrounding it! My favourite VOCALOIDs include (but are not limited to); MAYU, Galaco, Ryuuto, Tone Rion, SONiKA, Akikoloid-chan, and a few others. I tend to like high quality or versatile banks a lot, banks like VY2V3 with Falsetto because it has the largest range and is high quality, Hatsune Miku because of her appends make her extremely versatile, Yuzuki Yukari because she can speak and laugh via Voiceroid and exVOiCE, and bilingual banks like SeeU so producers can break (or at least try to) break the language barrier. And fun fact: there is not a single VOCALOID I have yet to dislike, they all have their purposes and can sound lovely. I also like UTAUs, I really enjoy the Vipperloids, Macnes, and Windows 100% ones but those aren't my only favourites, I also like banks that are again, versatile, like Mine Laru. Other than Mine I really like My Waifu (the girl in my avatar, I'm not sure about her romanized name though...), Matsupoid, Kasane Teto, Sekka Yufu, Ouka Miko, and Makune Hachi.

My most favourite producers include T. Komine (some of you may know him as Utata-P, creator of Happiness series including This Is The Happiness Of The Peace Of Mind Committee), ATOLS, Itikura, Ishifuro, and Kikuo. Other producers that I enjoy include (but again not limited to) are; Camellia, EZFG, AVTecNO!, Owata-P, Mikito-P, Circus-P, niki, MitchieM, Machigerita, Wowoka, Indisputed, Hachi, cosMo, Pinocchio-P, SLC Project, Kagome-P, Dixie Flatline, & Koyori. I really enjoy Pop, Dance, Rock, Screamo, and (some) Trance though I'm also very open to most music and would never limit myself to just these alone. Some of my favourite UTAU producers Itikura & Death Ohagi.

Other things about me... well, I like to draw/doodle a lot and do digital art on occasion. I also love cartoons (mostly those on Cartoon Network), I'm indifferent about anime & manga being as I've only watched 3 in total. I also like to exercise and I try to eat healthy foods. Oh yeah, I like cats so that's something else, I don't really have that much hobbies.

General InformationEdit

Name: David.

User-name: Arbacyk/Xeyuzio/etc.

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 08/11

Gender: Male.

Ethnicity: Spaniard & Mexican.

Nationality: American.

Place of Birth: Illinois.

Current Location/Residence: Illinois.

- - -

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Brown.

Height: 5'10".

Marital Status: Not married.

Family Members: Older and younger brother, older sister, mother & father.

Pets: 2 cats & 2 dogs.

Occupation: Nothing! Ambitions/Dreams: Raise kids and the whole family thing in general.

- - -

Favorite Color/s: Yellow-Orange.

Favorite Flavor: Dark chocolate/vanilla.

Favorite Food: Cereal

Favorite Drink: Milk Favorite

Anime/s: Claymore.

Favorite Manga/s: Claymore.

Favorite Book: N/A

Favorite Film: 9 (Tim Burton) or Coraline (Tim Burton).

Favorite TV Show: The Wonderful World Of Gumball.

Favorite Video Game: Fat Princess.

Favorite Song: The one currently feature in my profile.

Favorite Soundtracks/OSTs: Claymore OST, I guess.

Favorite Genre: Electronic.

Favorite Places: Home.

- - - other questions:

Personality: Happy, nice but lazy.

Religious Beliefs: N/A.

Favorite Sport: N/A.

Favorite Band: Ice Mountain.

Favorite Quote: "This is justice, that is also justice, that too is justice, they are all justice, different people, different values, everyone get along, OK?" -OwataP, Restart

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