Hey people! My name is Yunikōn-P, but you call me DerpingToaster. I like Vocaloid (obviously), Pokèmon, WWII, WWI, space, I find Claus Von Stauffenberg attractive, I'm a Trekkie, Zachary Quinto is my bby (so is Chris Pine), most types of pasta or noodles, and I love to eat food. I am a major fangirl and I have many feels. I also really really REALLY like Kagerou Project. My favorite male Vocaloids are: -Kaito -VY2 Yuuma/Roro -YOHIOloid

I also love Zhiyu Moke and UTAUloid Aido Ishiame.

My favorite female Vocaloids are: -Avanna -Megurine Luka -Yuzuki Yukari -IA

Yus. Swiggety swooty I'm comin' for dat booty. I'm secretly Vladimir Putin. I like Germans. I can kind of speak German. Kind of. Not really. Russian sounds really cool guys. Ok. Well... I'm 14, I live on the sun, Wait no- I live on earth. In the land of cheeseburgers, fat people and freedom. *eagle screeches in the distance* SPACE. THE FINAL FRONTIER. I like cake. I have ADHD in case you can't tell. I'm actually a lawnmower. Kano is my hubby. Yus.

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