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Someone asked me for my headcanons... And honestly I don't write most of it down. It wil take me a while to write everything down. I'll start with the basics of the filler and write about the characters tomorrow. I don't hold this to a tee as its just my "world build" and how I approached Vocaloid and I've had it for years. So... I rarely share my headcanon...Bit of reason why, you can skip this but I have to explian my problem I face.But this sharing of my own headcanon has to come with a understanding with everyone. Theres a back story as to why until now I've not shared it.


Bit of background. I've always imagined the Vocaloids as being part of a semi-sci-fi world where the production of Vocaloids was seen as a way to live on post death. But it was offeredto so few. The Vocaloids have a copy of the person's mind, but they don't quite identify as the person they are a copy of, having new names and identies, memories were "there" but for the most part scattered and a Vocaloid couldn't ness. bring them up. The final product looked different and just had the voice that is the same meaning that unless you were familar with the vocalist you'd not know it was them. The music gave people hope in a world that was miserable and for a brief moment would lift heir spirits.

The Vocaloids themselves are a series of androids, while not the only androids in this world, based on singers that as part of their contract, which meant that even in death they would still sing. A certain "trait" in a vocal was sought, and if the vocalist met the traits, the Vocaloid contract would be rolled out. Most were young singers who had a lot of fortune handed to them in a silver platter, and didn't know much about their own contract.

The experiemental first engine had flaws. At the time only 5 singers were brought in to experiment on and the Android s hardware and software wasn't particularly good. There was a lot of room for improvements and pewople struggled to accept those singing androids. Was vastly improved and could dhandle more, and was popular enough that people didnt' have issues with it. Vocaloid 2 and so fourther built upon this.

There you go, "headcanon" is irrelevent to me when I speak about Vocaloids on the wiki so I don't take this to a tee and I've changed a lot of things over time. I haven't the will to put this into anything like art, etc because I've given up most of my will to create over time.

So yeah....A bit of background....

TSo yeah, here the backstory about why I don't share things... you can ignroe this section as its just irrelevent to the rest, just explains a few things, please don't respond to anything.

This was mostly due to other non-Vocaloid things like a lack of suport and a lack of interest in things I've created over the time and honestly, Vocaloid came in 2010 after a decade of me loosing what creativity I did have to just things like that. It wasn't just in terms of the internet, I went to university and halfway through my art degree, I suddenly just felt like giving up. At the time I was being blackmailed to stay there, but the university was showing no interest in my work at all. Other students got praise even when I put a lot of effort and my best work got a moot reaction. I wanted to quit and my father basically blackmailed me to stay, so.. By the end of university I was doing stuff just to pass the course but what I wanted to do. Basically, the blackmail was that I was at a delicate part of my life where stablity was important to survive, and my own father threatened to kick me out of my house, because I was older then 18 and as far as he was concerned he could. I had nowhere to go and would cease university instantly, yeah, sure I wanted to quit, but I just wanted to quit my course, not loose everything because I did. Years later he confessed there was absolutely nothing to those threats, he just said them to force me to stay on a course I didn't want to be. It was a domestic situation and creativity is now something that I assoicate with a lot of pain. Got to 2005 and lost the will to live, as my own creativity, in art was killing me (it nearly lead to me commiting suicide). Finished the course in 2007, but never went any further, I just... Couldn't.

So I entered Vocaloid at a peroid when I was at my lowest, and worked from there. So the reason you don't see me going on about my own head-canon is its painful to share anything creative and I just don't have the will. I do have to explain this for others to understand my own position in this. And honestly, I've never picked myself up from that low because literally I'm in tears when I try to be creative. Theres a lot more to this story I won't tell and honestly, you guys will have to bare in mind, if I'm writing my headcanon, its going to be painful for me as at one stage, I was writing a book, I got halfway through the story but I just didn't finish it... So I also know how to write but I never got to publish.

I took music (he never knew) at college along with Art and I.T, so for me... I know music theory and can write music, and for a while i did... I got out in 2011, and this year is coming up to my 10th anniversary. Vocaloid was a side step for me from another problem that I was having at the time and a way to keep myself interested in something created wherein, I could avoid my own input. So this is very much a big deal to share for the first time.

This is also why I could never cope well with VO forums, until 2018 I was still recovering, it was a long time to recover since I went from 1992-2011 with this sort of thing over my head from that father of mine and it ruined a lot of my life. It started some point when my aprents were going through their divorce and I had the choice between my father and my mother's boyfriend who I hated (he turned out to be a bad person, so my hunch was right on him). And I was my most creative until I left for college at 16. He haunted my GCSEs, my college and university with his BS, he even tried to force me out of my choices for GCSEs because I took art (heaven knows what he would have done if he'd found out I took music at college) and only apeared to support me because it was a certain A mininum (I got A* in the end).

Understand creativity has been for a long time, the very thing that bought me misery. I support the creativity of others I do not support my own. Becuase other people have a chance that I was denied. And their in a better position then I was. So when I write this, its not a big deal for you guys, but personnelly writing all this down is a big deal. I've never done anything with it for a reason. ITs not the first time I've said this, this is the first time me explaining "how" this impacts me.

If you want to see if I can be creative; https://forevereve.fandom.com/wiki/Forever_Eve_Wiki heres a wiki where I sometimes take stabs at the few times I feel like being creative. And this just represents a few underdeveloped ideas I have from time to time.

I'l write more on the Vocaloid characters as I said, either way in a seperte blog tomorrow.