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Please read and respect my original blog.

Note: I don't ship... I don't believe in it and it often get annoying. One thing to note is I have lost my headcanons list for personnellities, so I may make mistakes here. The backgrounds are correct though. Since for the most part I established who I thought everyone is and there maybe some mistakes, but they were more or less similar. If I'll find the file again (its on a different computer) I'll correct things.

The First Engine

The experimental first Vocaloid engine was made with 5 robots hitting production.

  • Leon & Lola - English androids created for soul singer, a metaphorical nod to how they have a "soul" from a originalsinger implanted. The pair were made and entered production but before completion was tossed aside for better models. They escaped and are rumoured to be found wondering the world, someone battered and damaged but still functioning. The pair survive by any means possible, there are those looking for them but they've been crafty enough to evade detection for a long time. Leon is shy and gentle, Lola is protective and fierce, acting as the bolder of the two.
  • Miriam - the improvement of Leon and Lola, unlike then she was completed to the point she sort of had a human-like appearance. She was never released to the public in great numbers due to some problems but allowed to help out around the lab, acting as a point of reference. Often used as a greeter at the building, a number of employees are fond of her. She is quiet and polite.
  • Meiko - Meiko was a Japanese model made and produced she was released to the public and managed to gain a bit of fan favorutism, despite still being not very itneresting in terms of vocal effect, like the 3 models before her. She began touring and was eventually taken over by a company called CFM, who updgraded her to V3. Since then they have purchased her and now are replacing her parts with their own brand. She is brash and fun loving, enjoys nightlife. She is semi-friend and kinda open.
  • Kaito, similar to Meiko, but wasn't a hit for some years. He has a more sensible but not serious persona and tends to be more reserved. HE often ends up the butt of jokes and is for some reason unlucky. He wasn't particularly popular because he had issues standing out, at least for a long time but is now fairly popular. Prefers to stay home, unlike Meiko.

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