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The Vocaloid Memesquad (sometimes referred to as just The Memesquad), is a group of VOCALOIDs used to create internet memes. 


it is unknown how this unnoficial group came to be, or why certain characters were chosen. however, the meme squad consists of four vocaloids:

  • Utatane Piko
  • Fukase
  • v Flower

occasionally it is depicted with Kagamine Len and SF-A2 miki as well. normally in drawings the order goes as follows (left to right):








the name is a simplified way of saying "a group that makes/shares memes".


often in talkloids, Flower and Fukase are seen arguing quite often while Piko attempts to settle things. all the while, Oliver is acting childish. Fukase is commonly referred to as "the Memelord". random insults are thrown, such as "steal your kneecaps" and "cactus".

IKawaiism is a popular youtube channel that makes choruses, talkloids and covers with the memesquad. Ian Keith is a popular vocaloid user as well, though they are not as focused on the squad as IKawaiism is. -Circus Ginger- made a whole saga called "The Fukase Saga" about the Memesquad, and there are 5 parts.