Bunai82 - This blog entry is a list of things I need to focus on for the Vocaloid wiki. The entry is subjected to change depending on what is and is not being done, or if something is being added or removed. Note, I have my own wiki to take care of so I am not always going to be here.

TDL: June 20

  • Images
    • Sift through the unused fanmade images and delete them. (ON GOING)
    • Sift through images and see if they are in use or of no particular purpose.
    • Rename files for easier finding.
  • Revises / Tweaks
    • Update the licensing templates. They need some minor rewording and category placement.
    • Revise community portal page, currently Out-of-Date. (DONE)
    • Revise navigation templates, currently understandable but bland. (DONE) But other nav templates need update and correct page placement
    • Slowly work on main Vocaloid 1,2, and 3 articles.
  • Sorting
    • Make sure articles get into the correct category. Mark with project template if other wise. (DONE)
    • Make sure subcategory's get into the correct category. (DONE)
    • Figure out a name to sort official Vocaloid pages into more categories. (DONE) Creating company specifics categories due to various media.
  • Remove redlinks, so they don't appear as wanted. (ON GOING)
  • Clear out old discussions on article talk pages. (ON GOING)
  • Get the Vocaloid Forum working. (DONE)
  • Update company articles to new format using company template. (DONE) But pages need to be updated with information and layout
  • Update producer articles to new format using producer template. (ON GOING) and a Thank you to contributors
  • Move song pages to new Song: namespace. (NAMESPACE DROPPED)
  • Copyright page to expand on information about KarenT music.
Projects / Ideas
  • Fanmade Vocaloids will now have their own wiki, will reveal location later (DONE)
  • Create a song template, and page layout for song pages. (DONE) and a Thank you to contributors
  • Track down information on artists of official Vocaloid illustrations. (ON GOING)
  • Figure out what to do about articles with no specific content, they may or may not be of use. Mark with project template if other wise.
  • Figure out easier format for main fanmade articles, ie Hagane, Genderbent Vocaloids etc These pages now redirect to Fanmade Vocaloid, and are expanded upon on the Fanloid wiki
  • Possibly create: Warning and Notice templates for usertalk pages. (DONE)
  • Create template and link to Vocaloid Answer wiki. (DONE)
    • Sort through QA's on Vocaloid Answer wiki. (DONE) and a Thank you to contributors
  • Test out a Vocaloid timeline, or work on "on this day" template by adding more Vocaloid notable news.
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