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    Guess Rin's Outfit

    November 19, 2015 by DZYDZY

    Today in Vocaloid controversies, what the heck is Rin wearing? Guess before iXima reveals the concept art.

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    Repost: the sequel

    After looking at the NND Vocaloid popularity stats, I was interested to try and work out which English Vocaloids see the most usage by collecting some data from Youtube.
    However, I'm limited as I can't create a programs to trawl all the videos and calculate averages. There's also the fact that unlike NND, Youtube doesn't have a dedicated tagging system, at least not in the same way.
    What I did was make the most exact search I could (to try and receive Vocaloid only results), and recorded the amount of hits. Because I do not have in depth knowledge of how Youtube's search function works, any advice in terms of what phrases I should search for would be appreciated. For Vocaloids with common names I prefaced the search with "…

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    Reposting here! It might be of interest.

    Please note: These charts are based on statistics from NND. Non-Japanese Vocaloids whose works are mainly posted on sites such as Youtube or BiliBili will not be accurately represented.

    Let's see how our favourite Vocaloids did in 2014. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Click the link for graphs.

    Leading the tags are:

    1. Miku (first still by a significant margin, with over 700 more hits than her closest competitors)
    2. Gumi
    3. Rin
    4. IA
    5. Kaito

    The unlucky Japanese Vocaloids bringing up the rear:

    33: Anon and Kanon/Yohioloid
    37: Ryuto
    38: SeeU
    42: Chika

    Top Engloids on NND:

    1. Oliver
    2. Yohioloid
    3. Avanna
    4. Big Al
    5. Tonio

    Of the newbies: Rana was the most popular Vocaloid released in 2014, whereas A…

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    V3 - Signing out

    December 21, 2014 by DZYDZY

    Stealing Angel's blog. 。(⌒w⌒。) Here's my wrap-up feelings on V3.

    Mew: I loved Mew's new approach to boxart, but I could see why it didn't inspire a huge amount in fans. However, to have a classy and fashionable face to Vocaloid is something it's nice to have to show people that it's not just an 'anime thing'. Voicewise, I enjoy her a lot. I feel similar to her as I do IA, a clear and pleasant to listen to Vocaloid. However, I understand how her difficulty level may have hindered producers.

    SeeU: Oh, SeeU. A dramatic story from start to finish. Beginning with the backlash caused by false advertising in her demos and English capabilities, and ending with the first jailed voice provider; SeeU's drama often seemed to eclipse her voice. Despite t…

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