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Rating Different Covers of Vocaloid Songs

This is just my personal opinions, so they may differ from yours. Also all credit goes to the original creators. Original song itself (with Miku) was made by DECO*27. Also this is my first blog post, I wanted to make this rating Vocaloid covers thing a series, plus I have so many other ideas that just pop into my head and I don't want to take up too much space in the Discussions.

Since I can't put the image on here, I'll type it out:

I am listening on repeat: Rana, Len, Fukase, Kiyoteru, VY2/Yuma, Iroha, Yukari, Flower, Yuu, Maika, Kanon, Sachiko, Sora, Mikoto.

Awesome: Rin, Luka, Kaito, Lily, Piko, Cul, Gackpo, Mayu, Yohioloid, Merli, Ruby, Nemu, Akari, Hime.

Good: Miki, Miku, Meiko, SeeU, Gumi, Oliver, Bruno, Galaco, IA, Avanna, Kyo, Nana, Hua…

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