Haneoka Haneoka 22 July 2014

Those random background characters in the VOCALOID China PVS.

While rewatching the VOCALOID CHINA anime PV's I was curious as to who were those background characters.

So I found out something. http://haneokaa.tumblr.com/post/91448306677/weird-mod-post

The characters in question are from this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBXfyoIYVlA


They wear the same school uniforms as the VOCALOID CHINA characters do.

And look - 


It's that same boy from that screenshot of the VOCALOID CHINA PV. ^

Apparently it was to be China's first BL native anime. But it was supposed to be released in '11. But no word on it since. 

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