The Vocaloid community is still recovering from shock this week. Suddenly, a new Vocaloid has appeared on the scene going by the name of Sonika. There was a small mention at the end of last weeks vocaloid rankings but I like most was skeptical. After all, we've seen what those guys on 2chan pull off *cough*Teto Kasane*cough*. But it seems that small mention was correct and we now have a new all singing, all dancing vocaloid here with us now (give it a month or two and she'll be on MMD, i gurantee ya!).

And personally, i think she is going to take both the English and Japanese vocaloid communities by storm. For a long time now the English speaking community has wanted a vocaloid along the lines of Miku, Rin, Len, Luka etc. who is cute, bubbley and likable. She looks like a Japanese vocaloid, she even sounds like a Japanese vocaloid. I don't think anyone ever thought it would actually happan either. Zero-G have certainly kept this underwraps as well, unlike Gumi who was was pretty much a given and was known to be in development for a couple of months.

So make way for Sonika, the newest member of the Vocaloid club and, dare i say, perhaps the future Miku of the West? :)

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