• Keel of the Broken Skull
    (UTAU), (UTAU), Caprice (human singer)

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    |producer = Caprice, Lemmings (grammar-checking)

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    The Jugol Series is a series of songs by Caprice. It is currently made up of 15 songs sung by eight VOCALOIDs, two UTAUs, and one human singer. 13 songs are uploaded to YouTube, 3 songs are uploaded to NicoNicoDouga, and 3 songs are uploaded to Piapro.

    The series is about a world in which there is something known as "Ludzkosc." "Ludzkosc" is the Polish word for "humanity." Ludzkosc is apparently destroyed in an incident involving a scientist trying to cure the fear of fish. The series is still active.

    The Jugol series is divided into eight parts. Part Zero (Dramas of the Go…

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