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  1. I'm scared of Len becaus I didn't eat my bananas
  2. I like Ryuto's design
  3. Evillious is memeable
  4. Piko should be there in Evillious
  5. Despite being scared of him, I can relate more to Len than Rin
  6. Rana is my favorite Vocaloid
  7. Teto is not a fake
  8. Haku is better than Neru
  9. Green is a creative colour
  10. Miku is proud but humble
  11. V5s are great
  12. V1s are great too
  13. Every vocaloid is great
  14. English Vocaloid songs are cool
  15. My favorite song is 'It's Dark!' by Oliver, Len, Piko and Fukase.
  16. Whenn is projecc sekai?
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You can probably see it in r/Memeloid