Now I know that there is some concern for Piko due to him not getting an update, and that there is uncertainty over wheather or not you can get a import code but I wanted to confirm that yes, you can still get a import code for Piko. (At least in 2019)

I have heard that since V2's permanent retire, you can get a import code from YAMAHA but that seems to no longer be the case.
You'll want to email any import requests to

Something to note however, you may want to send the email and have its title in Japanese. I at first sent a bilingual email with a English title to no response. A week later I resent it completely in Japanese and I did get a response.
(Also, make sure to send your Piko serial code in the email)

However, if you want a actual update to the latest engine, I'd recommend reading Angel's blog post to have your dreams crushed.

And one last thing, please, DO NOT bother them by asking/begging for an update.

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