I haven't brought something up like this in a long time, but one of the things that we'd probably like to see more of is more song pages for the newer VOCALOIDs.

It's been a few years for some and to see how there aren't many pages to browse is a little worrying because we all know there's got to be more swimming around on these platforms. Something that can be measured as a "rule of thumb" if you will, is giving the vocals a common goal: a minimum of at least 20 pages.

For some, that would be easy! For others, to this day, they might not even have 20 original songs. That's what this blog and list is for: to keep track of who needs it.

Why is this a blog and not a thread?

Because blogs are easier for me to manage and I still dislike the new discussions format a lot. This is the same for the comments because at least they can be stacked and have their own threads.

Who needs them?

NOTE: This list will discount private and limited vocals as those have a little more restriction and because the people who have them is a small pool. Don't worry about these characters.

The following lists commercial releases with less than 20 original songs listed on this wiki.

High Priority

Vocals with less than 7 pages

Mid Priority

Vocals with 8-14 pages

Low Priority

Vocals with at least 15 pages


Please remember that even though these are "prioritized", this doesn't mean editors should hurry and rush through them. Please be mindful that the wiki values good quality pages and that they count more over quantity.

Otherwise, thank you for reading and thanks in advance if you choose to volunteer your time into helping with this little project.

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