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  • NebulousViper

    So, I've been talking to two members of VO and both of them know Chinese, so they can read and understand it. They also live on the other side of the world from me, so they have a better understanding of what's popular over there and whatnot

    This is about Ling and Lorra's voice provider contest, which you can hear and vote for the clips on their official webpage.

    Now about the contest, there are number of providers in the contest who are well known and popular over on the Eastern side. So popular, that they are getting unfair votes and the others are not standing a chance. And of course, these votes are not going unnoticed as in just one hour, one of them had over 1,000 of votes and got ahead of another provider. The one getting all thes…

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  • NebulousViper

    Source - This video:

    I had my friend, Di, (or Ren) translate it for me.  And I'm going to c-p everything she said of it

    "The video is basically talking about the company for VOCALOID is going to stop VOCALOID CHINA and get out of the market"

    "The company, YAMAHA, is going to sell the 5 cartoon figures to a company in Shanghai, which is going to start VOCANESE,  which is equal to VOCALOID CHINA" (In other words, 5 cartoon figures = Tianyi, Ling, Longya, Moke and Qingxian, and though she hasn't said it, I'm thinking it applies to YANHE too, since they had her involved in the video too)

    "Which means YAMAHA sold VOCALOID to a company in Shanghai"

    "The news is saying, they are st…

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  • NebulousViper

    Still investigating what happened to VOCALOID CHINA.  Turns out there's an interview in Mandarin on PPTV explaining what happened.

    Basically they're not under YAMAHA anymore and feel like they can make their VOCALOIDs themselves and don't need YAMAHA to do it or something like that.  

    But that ^  Was what my dad translated.  I need a few other people to clarify and confirm this.  Also, I noticed there's another video promoting Vocanese.  Still can't read what it says, BUT it involves Tianyi, YANHE and SeeU!

    I may as well tell you guys who I go to for translating Mandarin Chinese...

    • Dad - He's the easiest to reach, yes.  He lives with me after all.  But there's a drawback.  While he knows fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, his English isn't so gre…
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