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  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Student, Artist
  • I am Female
  • Rilena

    I currently have VOCALOID4 with the Kagamine V4X bundle. The voices may not be the best (English is definitely the weakest for both), but I purchased them nonetheless and don't regret my decision. I've had the program for three years, and have barely touched the V4 editor by Yamaha, mostly because it felt odd to use and hard to manage. Since V5 came out around a year ago, I have listened to songs by some famous producers I thought were "mediocre" when it comes to tuning. VOCALOID5 actually does a pretty good job at masking the "synthetic" aspect of voicebanks when tuning is done right. I think it's wonderful, especially since some v1-esque aspects came back. The only issue I have is my rationality. My heart is telling me to get V5, whereas…

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  • Rilena

    I am serious when I say I am tired of all the cartoon box art we have for VOCALOID voice banks, regardless of how the product sounds. Ever since the release of Hatsune Miku, I believe (not sure, since there's not lots of evidence) that there has been an increase in cartoon style avatars for boxes. This especially became common in V3 and V4.

    Also, when the V5 standard vocals were released, there were a bunch of people who were upset because their designs looked like something from The Sims 2. The issue is that their vocals were high quality, yet some people only seemed to care about what the "character looked like." They're allowed to say that, but when I see dozens of comments saying the same thing, I'm reminded that VOCALOID has sometimes …

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