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    How to Order

    July 29, 2012 by Unknown.System

    I've been meaning to make a page / guide about this for a while. Just to help out readers who comes here for the Vocaloid Album section or something. I've bought albums and doujins (but mostly artbooks/doujins) before, so I think I know what I'm doing. Not sure if this should be a tutorial page like Vocaloid Lingo or a blog though. I guess I'll decide later.

    In this case, let's say you're outside of Japan.

    Let's say you want to order a popular P album, or Exit Tunes' compilation. If it supports international shipping, odds are the order will be available in either Amazon, or Alice-books. Usually Amazon and Alice Books support international shipping. It's not that hard, ordering from Amazon (unless you're still, um, young, and so you need a p…

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  • Unknown.System

    What's going on? Esperancia is blocked in the Utaite wiki, I tried undo ing some vandalized pages, but some are protected.


    ~:-/ ? Anyone editing from the utaite wiki?

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  • Unknown.System

    The "Songs featuring" page is bugging me. There are a few points I want to say (...Because I don't know how to make a forum topic /headdesk)

    • Image / song icon: "If the original broadcast doesn't feature the Vocaloid, please choose the image from the most viewed fanmade PV"
      • My comment: Well, then... I feel sorry for whoever made the Songs featuring VY1 / VY2 page that person would be me. Because they're more or less faceless. I don't think it's fair either. For example, Hello/How Are You, I can't imagine Miku being in the picture. (Well, to be honest I've never heard of the original, I've only heard Ritsuka's cover)
    • Duet section: "6 I mentioned is roughly the maximum amount of duet songs to be featured per duet partner. So we'd have to choose t…
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  • Unknown.System

    Vocalo P Ranking

    April 4, 2012 by Unknown.System

    I was browsing around the daily ranking page when I saw "Vocalo P Ranking" there on the list. I was bored so I said, meh, why not. I was too lazy to watch 100-50 so I only watched 51-1. I'll assume that the "rules" on how it's counted is on Part 1, so, I don't know what it's based on.

    At first, I thought it was based on views, but, I was wrong. Shigotoshite-P (#43) and Yanagi-P (#44) were above Dixie Flatline, Hoehoe-P (Hello / How Are you), Junky, and Yucha-P (Gumi's Poker Face).

    Yuukiss (#39) well, all of her works are above 100,000 as far as I know? Well, her full songs anyway.

    Dixie Flatline has Gemini, Just be Friends, and Sweetiex2 all of them, but Shigotoshite-P? She doesn't even have a million hit song (YET! I hope). And her recent wo…

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  • Unknown.System

    " Hatsune Miku " is a virtual singer who can sing any song that anybody composes.

    It has made a massive impact on all creators through the web. They, inspired by her songs, have published their original works not only in the field of music, but in illustration, video, CG, cosplay, live performance and dance.

    Besides over 30,000 original tracks, many more works are still being released over the web.

    Feel the possibilities of the web through the social phenomenon caused by million craetors.

    "Tell Your World" / livetune feat. Hatsune Miku Lyrics・Music: kz

    This film was created with the support of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA Inc, SEGA, and many creators and fans from all around the world.

    ... I can comprehend the fact how Hatsune Miku's popularity can incr…

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